The brush through!Here are seven superstars who still rent, and it turns out they’re all her tenants

2022-05-01 0 By

When it comes to renting a house, I’m afraid we won’t associate such words with stars.This is because celebrities, who are paid millions of dollars for their appearances, do not choose to live in rental houses.But in Hong Kong there are indeed a lot of well-known stars have been choosing to rent a house, the author will lead you to dig those stars who are still renting a house now!In Hong Kong, not only those single stars choose to rent a house, there are many couples also choose to rent a house, such as we are all familiar with The Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Yongyi and Zhang Zhilin and so on.As we all know, these stars are certainly rich and do not have the problem of being unable to afford a house.Rent is only their habits, the famous dancer Venus, once was questioned for renting problem, at a time when his response is the best house she want to live in Shanghai, but if you choose to buy a house like this in Shanghai prices are likely to be more than 1 billion yuan, but if in the best location to rent for a year until 2 million,If you rent it for 30 years, it’s in the tens of millions.Compared with Shanghai, Hong Kong also belongs to the place of gold, the average price of more than 100,000 square meters of housing everywhere.So it’s no surprise that some stars are choosing to rent.Familiar singers Eason Chan and Chan Hao-man are renting.But they don’t choose to rent for the same reasons as Venus.According to the Hong Kong media, Eason Chan’s rent a month has more than 200,000 yuan, for ordinary people 200,000 yuan rent is also sky-high, but for Eason Chan these money, is not particularly expensive.After all, endorsing a single game can earn close to $10 million.And Chen Haomin’s rent and Eason Chan compared, will be slightly less, the monthly rent is only a little more than 140,000.For these Hong Kong stars to rent a house, their own explanation is because they are busy, usually at home less time, if buy a luxury house, they do not live, it is a bit too waste.For stars such a reason for renting, many netizens can not understand, think, earn so much money why can not own a house, after all, their own house can give themselves a sense of security.But the stars of the world, we eat melon masses is how also don’t understand, after all, the circle layer is not the same, perhaps there are other reasons behind the rental?For example, chan hao-man and Eason Chan, whose co-landlord is a good friend, Michelle Reis, who is married to Hong Kong billionaire Hui Chin-hang, may just want to get closer to the rich through renting.For us ordinary people to make money, as a house slave is lucky, the biggest wish is to repay the mortgage as soon as possible, as soon as possible ashore.