“Tomorrow weather forecast” Jixi February 01, 2022 weather forecast, clear to cloudy, west wind to east wind 3-4 to < level 3

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Jixi 02 01 (Tuesday) weather forecast, weather phenomenon clear to cloudy, wind direction wind: west wind to east wind 3-4 to < 3.Maximum temperature -8 ° C, minimum temperature -18 ° C.Cold index: easy to occur, cold days easy to catch a cold, pay attention to prevention.Exercise index: not good, cold weather, strong wind, please do indoor exercise.Allergy index: extremely rare, no need to worry about allergies, feel free to go out and enjoy life.Dressing index: Cold, suggested thick down jacket and other winter clothing.Car wash index: more unfavorable, the wind is larger, will be covered with dust after washing.Uv index: weak, weak radiation, apply SPF12-15, PA+ skin care products.