Warm heart!When the Spring Festival came, they visited these role models

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According to the spirit of the municipal Civilization Office on carrying out the advanced typical activities of helping and caring, jiading District will carry out the activity of “caring example and model carrying forward the new fashion of The Times” to honor the advanced typical activities of caring and caring, carry forward the value orientation of “good people are rewarded”, and extend holiday greetings and New Year wishes to the models and models.Today (January 24) afternoon, Zheng Yinghao, deputy director of the municipal Civilization Office, Gu Huiwen, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiading District Committee and minister of the Publicity Department, came to Qinghe Road, Street of Jiading Town, and visited shen Qihua, winner of the second national Civilized family.Over the past 27 years, Shen qihua has been helping students in pairs with love and encouraged people from all walks of life to participate in poverty alleviation and education activities. Gu Huiwen said that she would fully support the development of “Shen Qihua Studio” for public welfare, “feel free to report to us if you have any difficulties!””I would like to always contribute to the Party and the people and tell the story of the Party to more young people,” Shen said.At the home of Shih Dehua, the winner of the eighth National Moral Model Award, Gu Huiwen asked about his health.Shih dehua was a navy anti-aircraft artillery independent sixth battalion second gunner, now 78 years old he is the district people propaganda group, “five old” propaganda group members.Gu Huiwen wished Shidehua good health and a happy life in the New Year. “The body is the capital of the revolution, keep good health, and then do a good job in public propaganda!”On Friday morning, Gu visited Zhang Jinlong, winner of the first National Civilized Family award, and Zhao Xianzhen, winner of the seventh National Moral Model Nomination Award.”How are you?”Gu Huiwen kindly took Zhang Jinlong’s hand and inquired about his living conditions and physical condition in detail. She praised Zhang Jinlong’s contribution to understanding the villagers and innovating social grassroots governance, and affirmed the development and effectiveness of the grassroots autonomous brand project “Guest Hall”.She hoped that under the leadership of Zhang Jinlong, Xuhang Town “Guest Hall Hui” would continue to explore the rural governance system of autonomous rule by law and rule by virtue, and become an important point to implement the whole process of democracy and collect people’s suggestions.In the nanxiang town party members school, Gu Huiwen and Zhao Xianzhen cordial exchange.As the party secretary of nanxiang Floating Party Members School, Zhao xianzhen manages nearly 450 party members of “Two New” organizations and individual workers, and leads the school’s party members to offer love and do public welfare. Gu Huiwen encouraged her to continue to play a leading role as a model and carry forward positive energy.Zhao xianzhen said that thanks to the party and the government’s care and concern, he will make persistent efforts to inherit the moral strength.Next, jiading district, will further improve the system of advanced typical courtesy moral models, give full play to the leading role of moral typical, explore the formation of care moral typical long-term mechanism, in the whole society to create “good guys weihaobao,” value orientation, guide the cadres and the masses to actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values.Source: Jiading, Shanghai