113 cases, including 10 infants, were confirmed.This is the turning point of the epidemic

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At 3pm on February 3rd, a COVID-19 prevention and control press conference was held in Hangzhou. It was mentioned that one new confirmed case was confirmed in Fuyang District yesterday.An additional case was reported between 0 and 14:00 today in binjiang district.Both cases were found in centralized isolation sites.Since January 26, 113 cases have been reported in Hangzhou, including 50 in Binjiang, 44 in Fuyang, 14 in Xiaoshan, two in Gongshu and Shangcheng, and one in West Lake.The outbreak in Hangzhou began five days before the Spring Festival.Since January 26, when hangzhou reported local cases, daily new cases have been in double digits since the second day, peaking on January 30 with 24 new cases in a single day.Since then, the daily number of new cases has declined in a fluctuating fashion, and on February 2, the number of newly confirmed cases hit a recent low of one in a single day, with the number of reported cases in single digits for two consecutive days.In the above press conference, MAO Genhong, deputy secretary general of hangzhou Municipal People’s Government, said that 54 cases in the past five days were found in centralized quarantine screening points.Cases have been reported in single digits for the last two days.In terms of the number of cases, the turning point has already occurred.”Based on a comprehensive analysis, this round of epidemic has been eradicated in the community.”MAO genhong said the epidemic prevention and control work has shifted from community zero to quarantine point zero.The epidemic spread in the 297-person annual meeting of enterprises. It seems that the battle against the epidemic in Hangzhou is relatively fast, but in fact, it is quite difficult.The initial case in Hangzhou is an employee of Hangzhou Binjiang Huite Company.The patient developed symptoms on the afternoon of January 21 and went to the doctor at noon on January 25. The patient was initially positive at 22:00 on the same day and confirmed in the early morning of January 26.That means the outbreak has been spreading spontaneously for almost a week.On the afternoon of January 26, a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Hangzhou said that the virus sequence infected by the case Gan was highly homologous with the virus sequence uploaded from a foreign country with the sampling date of December 11, 2021, which indirectly confirmed that the virus strain came from abroad and had nothing to do with previous outbreaks in China.During the stealth-like transmission of the virus for nearly a week, the spread of the epidemic was amplified by gathering activities such as corporate annual meetings and wedding banquets.It is reported that Huite catering equipment Co., Ltd. held a 297 people annual meeting on the afternoon of January 19;After the annual meeting of the enterprise, many employees went back to their hometown on leave, which caused the epidemic spillover;On January 22nd several high-risk people attended a wedding of 244 people…”Judging by this, the number of infections should be in the double digits.”Li Huanlong, from the Fuyang District Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Hangzhou, said in an article on his wechat official account on January 26.”The epidemic is mainly concentrated in the riverside area, showing sporadic distribution and local aggregation.”On the afternoon of January 29, The Information Office of Zhejiang Provincial Government held the 102nd press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control work.According to reports, all 297 participants of Huite Have been controlled and completed 3 rounds of nucleic acid tests, with a total of 19 positive cases detected.A total of 244 people were involved in the wedding banquet, and 11 positive cases were detected, including 9 wedding participants and 2 close contacts.After the annual meeting, employees of the company have returned to their hometowns on leave, and 4 exported cases have been found.In addition, as of 14:00 on January 29, among the 44 local confirmed cases reported in Hangzhou, 18 people from 6 family clusters were also reported.A cluster of cases involving 9 persons (Changjiang Xiyuan Community, Binjiang District);Property company cluster epidemic 1 3 people (Binjiang District De Shengginkgo hui property).The first confirmed case was reported in Hangzhou’s Fuyang district on January 28.On 27 January, the Fuyang District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters found a confirmed case whose ID number showed that the case was from Fuyang. Investigation was carried out immediately, and a novel coronavirus nucleic acid positive case was detected in the close contact in Fuyang.People infected by attending a wedding in a district on January 22 were introduced to Gutian imported maternal and child museum, which caused the infection of bath workers. The “baby bath” became an amplifier and began to spread rapidly.As of 9 am on February 2nd, a total of 10 children related to Gutian Global Imported Maternal and Infant Living Hall in Fuyang District have been treated in Hangzhou.These cases bathed and played in the living room, which resulted in infection due to the closed environment and long stay time.Fortunately, the chain of transmission is clear.The case report curve turns downward four days after the first case is reported.The number of new cases on a single day rose rapidly from 6 and 5 to 16 on The 30th, before turning a corner on New Year’s Eve (31st) and falling to single digits on the first day of Chinese New Year (1st February), when 5 cases were reported.Source: Mr. CDC Most of the above cases had varying degrees of cough and expectoration.Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission has specially organized a joint expert group of provincial and municipal well-known pediatric experts to develop a personalized treatment plan for each child.In terms of treatment, symptomatic treatment is the main treatment. According to the age and condition of the children, atomization inhalation, nasal spray, granules and other antiviral drugs suitable for children should be appropriately assisted, and traditional Chinese medicine should be used as appropriate.According to the introduction, for infants under one year old, the hospital specially formulated special classes of nursing: 1. According to the different needs of children, infant milk powder, bottles, diapers and other sent to the isolation ward; 2.2. Provide 24-hour care for four infants under the age of one, and strive to rehabilitate them through careful treatment and care;3. Communicate with parents through wechat video and other ways, so that parents can keep abreast of their children’s treatment and rehabilitation in the hospital.All of the patients are in stable condition.Across the Spring Festival, how does Hangzhou fight the epidemic?The outbreak occurred five days before the Spring Festival, at a time of high density, wide range and many uncertainties. The epidemic prevention and control situation was complex and grim.After that, the Leading group of Epidemic prevention and control of Zhejiang Province quickly activated the emergency response mechanism, promoted command and formed joint forces with Hangzhou city, quickly identified key areas and key personnel for control, quickly found the source of epidemic transmission, cut the transmission chain as soon as possible, and promoted epidemic prevention and control work across the province.Zhejiang province urgently dispatched more than 1100 provincial professionals, coordinated relevant parties to set up temporary gas film laboratories, and worked together with local authorities to delimit three zones, trace the source of flow, nucleic acid sampling and testing, personnel screening, isolation and control, environmental disinfection, and case treatment.Seizing the time window, Hangzhou quickly implemented the mechanism of “source detection and control + quick sound activation + hardcore isolation + precision intellectual control”, and promoted the circular implementation of “fast detection, fast flow adjustment, fast grouping, fast transport and fast isolation”.We will give full play to the role of nucleic acid testing in early detection, dynamically adjust the scope of the three zones, and implement classified control measures.We will speed up the tracing of the source of traffic control, strengthen coordination between official vehicles, official vehicles, and official vehicles, and take precise measures to remove personnel who are closely connected or who are not, ensure that control is in place at the first time, and resolutely prevent clustering and overlapping.Focusing on The Changjiang Community, Changjiang Xiyuan, Ginkgo Hui, Geely Park, Gutian Global Imported Maternal and Child Living Center in Fuyang District, xianghu Wedding in Xiaoshan District, on the one hand, we did a good job in checking and filling the gaps, and carried out a review of the original flow control, on the other hand, we focused on the new cases to achieve fast flow control, fast transport and fast isolation.As of 14 o ‘clock on February 1, hangzhou had investigated 17,023 secret contacts and 21,736 sub-secret contacts, and about 10,000 risk persons referred to the management of secret contacts and sub-secret contacts.The city has 69 “three districts”.In view of the prevention and control situation, the “three zones” have been upgraded to management, and nucleic acid testing has been promoted for personnel in the prevention areas in accordance with the requirements of the Orange code.Epidemic situation in fuyang area, in order to block the spread of the virus way to curb the spread of the virus and spread, according to the national and provincial and municipal regulations on epidemic prevention and control work, since Jan. 31, 16 when 30 points, the hangzhou fuyang district administrative areas within the scope of the highway, GuoShengDao, implementation of county and township government, village road, rail transportation, waterway traffic control, and resolutely prevent risk spillover.After the traffic control was implemented in Fuyang District, some Hangzhou residents said, “Why should we take strong control measures when the overall situation of the epidemic is under control?Hangzhou government deputy secretary-general Mao Genhong response, this is mainly in order to prevent risk spillover, considering the fuyang area large number of new cases, fuyang itself population base is big also, and the surrounding counties close ties, the turnover during the Spring Festival, such as a spillover, will generate new disease risk, so according to the epidemic prevention and control regulations, the traffic control decision of fuyang area.Hangzhou quarantined personnel and “three area” personnel to do daily inspection.In order to ensure that the prevention area residents should check to ensure that the “orange code” after the relevant measures in place.In addition, the transportation, catering and other important industries to carry out daily spot checks.As of 14:00 on February 1st, Binjiang District had completed four rounds of nucleic acid tests for all staff, and Fuyang District had also conducted three rounds of nucleic acid tests for all staff.The city’s cumulative sampling of more than 2.529 million people.Centralized isolation shall be conducted for closely connected, sub-closely connected and high-risk personnel.As of 7 o ‘clock on February 1, more than 30,000 people were transferred in Hangzhou, among which 16,196 people were transferred outside the city.In order to ensure the livelihood of 16,000 quarantined people in other cities, Hangzhou dispatched working groups to each city to provide services.With the strong support of brother cities, the above personnel have been properly settled.”The number of new cases in a single day has dropped significantly for two consecutive days, showing signs of being under control. This fully shows that our prevention and control strategies, policies and measures are very effective!”Li Huanlong said on February 2.Source: Wechat official number of Zhejiang Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Hangzhou CDC, Hangzhou Release, “Mr. Disease Control” wechat official number, etc