Bangshan District held the annual work Report on “Internet plus Government Services” and the work deployment Meeting for 2022

2022-05-02 0 By

On the afternoon of February 18, Bangshan District held the annual work bulletin of “Internet + government service” and the 2022 work deployment meeting. Comrades in charge of “Internet + government service” work of each township street and community center attended the meeting, and Ji Hong, deputy director of district Data Resources Bureau, presided over the meeting.The meeting first summarized the completion of various work indicators of “Internet + government service” in Bangshan District in 2021, and analyzed the shortcomings of the current work.Subsequently, the District Data Bureau put forward specific requirements for the next step of the work in view of the development of “Internet + government service” in the district.Each township street, community center in charge of comrade has also made a speech.The meeting stressed that the promotion of “Internet plus government services” is an important starting point to create a “four most” business environment and implement the reform of “delegating power, delegating power, providing services”. The district Data Bureau will also further strengthen the training of grassroots government staff and improve the capacity of grassroots government services.Xu Jie, director of the District Data Resources Bureau, required: First, each township street and community center should carefully compare the assessment indicators, carefully find the weak links in the government service work, and do the work of “Internet + government service” well;Second, to improve the work standard, clear goals, pragmatic, high standards, strict requirements, strive for this year’s “Internet + government service” assessment ranking in the forefront of the city.Third, we need to strengthen the work style construction, strictly implement the first question responsibility system, the deadline system, truly achieve practical for the people, for the enterprise environment, and constantly enhance the enterprise people’s sense of experience and gain.(Ho Jibin)