Drama critics on the development of Xiao Zhan status quo, has a firm foothold, but there are still people in the drama circle trouble

2022-05-02 0 By

Recently, a drama critic on the platform wrote a post about the development status of Xiao Zhan. Generally speaking, Xiao Zhan’s development is very smooth and has a firm foothold, which is also the result we see.It’s worth mentioning that some people in the drama circle still have trouble with Xiao zhan, so he still needs to work hard to improve himself.”Xiao Zhan has established himself firmly in the real drama circle, but there are still people who make trouble for him,” a drama critic said.We need to make more efforts to eliminate people’s prejudice against Xiao zhan.”In fact, we see that Xiao Zhan is also developing smoothly and it is easy to understand that he has a firm foothold. However, many of the so-called prejudices are actually not objective and rational, but a kind of abnormal jealousy.In other words, no matter how hard Xiao zhan works or what honors he has won, what critics call “prejudice” will always exist. Therefore, it is not “prejudice”, but a kind of malice against Xiao Zhan.In short, for the most part, it doesn’t have much to do with Xiao zhan’s efforts, because he is so popular and a clean current in the show business. Many people regard Xiao Zhan as a thorn in the flesh, and it’s not unusual for someone to cause trouble.I believe everyone has seen a lot of this situation, at the beginning of the can not understand, then very clear, Xiao Zhan is too good, will naturally cause some people envy, this is very normal.However, this does not affect the development of Xiao Zhan, xiao Zhan will only work harder and better, more and more successful, not to affect our love and support for Xiao Zhan, this point is beyond doubt.Wish xiao war, continue to go on, fearless wind and rain, march forward bravely!We’re all here.