Mobile traffic lights, uav high-altitude cruise…Songjiang police “hardcore” to ensure holiday play safety!Love Life warm heart spring

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New Year’s climbing, with a good wish for the coming year backgammon, happy life implied.From the beginning of the year, to songjiang east, west sheshan climbing tourists, citizens more up.In order to ensure the efficient, orderly and safe travel of tourists and citizens, songjiang police are also using their wits, mobile traffic lights, uav cruise and other measures to ensure the safety of the Spring Festival.This Spring Festival, Mr. Shi’s family from Pudong New Area chose to stay in Shanghai for the Spring Festival.On February 3 (the third day of the first lunar month), Mr. Shi and his family went to Sheshan Mountain. They were talking and laughing happily.”We are specially from Pudong New Area, take our families to climb sheshan, climb high and look far, hope that the New Year can have a good meaning, wish everyone a happy New Year, the Year of the Tiger.”On the way from East Sheshan to West Sheshan, Mr. Shi said.In the east and west sheshan in the middle of a traffic flow, the main intersection of the zebra crossing, Songjiang police added a mobile traffic light, police on duty can flexibly adjust the length of time according to the traffic flow, to ensure the orderly passage of pedestrians and vehicles.Dong Wenjun, who is on duty at the Sheshan National Tourism Resort police station of Songjiang Public Security Sub-bureau, told reporters that sheshan Forest Park has been flooded with tourists since the first day of the Lunar New Year.To solve the problem of difficult parking, the police will master the real-time parking data of nearby parking lots at any time and feed back to the major navigation systems to guide people to park nearby and park efficiently.It is an innovation to set up a mobile traffic light system at the most crowded intersection in the east and west of Sheshan, which can ensure orderly passage of everyone.It is reported that songjiang police in the development of security plan on the basis of the sheshan National tourism resort equipped with 26 police, auxiliary police, more than 120 emergency vehicles, fire engines on standby, and for the peak passenger flow of key periods, scientific setting of posts, to make full emergency disposal preparations.In particular, songjiang, police have also added a pair of “clairvoyance” in the key period for every 1 to 1 hour 30 minutes of uavs overhead, timely find the traffic blocking point gathering area, emergency and security hidden danger point, rapid disposal, dynamic, to safeguard holiday garden and epidemic prevention work and the public security order smoothly and orderly.Text and pictures: Li Yubo correspondent Zhang Jiayu Editor: Ding Yijie Lu Yiyi Li Yuanyuan