NBA: Denver Nuggets vs. Detroit Pistons Los Angeles Lakers vs. Brooklyn Nets

2022-05-02 0 By

The Denver Nuggets are the sixth seed in the Western Conference with a 24-21 record so far this season, including an 11-12 record on the road.The Nuggets, who beat the Pistons by six points at home, are 2-2 in their last four regular-season games and have been on shaky ground.The Nuggets were a little short on offensive output, scoring 107.9 points per game, but they did well on defense, giving up 10.9 points.Detroit pistons lost 111-117 on the road to the Nuggets, leaving the pistons in a slump following their second straight regular-season loss.The pistons, who have 11 wins so far this season, are 14th in the Eastern Conference at 11-35, including 7-14 at home.The pistons were terrible offensively, scoring only 102 points per game, the second-fewest in the league, and their defensive line was virtually useless, allowing 111.6 points, according to the analysis.Although the recent state of the Nuggets is not stable, but the overall strength of the team is still in the upper hand, and the piston in the recent state of the slump, is not the ability to fight with the Nuggets, so this game is personally optimistic about the Nuggets away to win and return, the pistons +7.5 wins.The Los Angeles Lakers have been on a shaky streak of late, losing to the Miami Heat by six points on the road, making it just two wins in seven regular-season games.The lakers are in eighth place in the Western Conference with a 23-24 record, including 8-12 on the road.The lakers’ offense was on fire, scoring 111.3 points per game, but their defense was terrible, giving up 112.7 points, the fourth-most in the league.The Nets, ranked third in the Eastern Conference with a 29-17 record, suffered a demoralloss to the Minnesota Timberwolves 125-136, ending their two-game winning streak.The Nets’ offensive output is impressive, with 112.2 points per game, the fourth-highest in the league, but the defensive line has yet to improve, allowing 109.8 points.In addition to the home front, the Nets are 12-11 at home this season, home force is good.Although the recent morale of the Nets is damaged, but the overall state is still good, and the team’s home performance is not so = common, in contrast, the recent state of the Lakers is low, poor performance, the away battle is also low, so comprehensive analysis, this game personally optimistic nets win at home, nets +3.5 wins.