“Partial pet crazy wife: big guy is my heart treasure” person see person hide abandon female, be pet by big guy however treasure!

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If you don’t have enough books recently, you will be happy to see here. The veteran bookworm D Bao is here with three fantastic novels.Like must collect, in case you get lost later!Today D treasure to recommend: “partial pet crazy wife: big guy is my heart treasure” people see people hide abandoned female, but was big pet treasure!The first “return to 90, she is in surgery big guy circle hot” author: fat mother to good introduction: return 1996, the daughter xie Wanying of old Xie jia says to want to do a doctor, a lot of people smiled.”Chicken born chicken, dog born dog.If a trucker’s daughter can be a doctor, sows can climb trees.””I want to be more than a doctor. I want to be a female cardiothoracic surgeon.””Ms. Tse said.This remark aroused even more excitement in the doctor’s circle.When the doctor’s relatives satirized her crazily: “Do you know how high the admission mark of medical students is, can you get an exam?”Guide to the pit: listen to this tone, all know people don’t want her to leave a message.Xie Wanying naturally shook her head.”See, she doesn’t like it.”Hu Hao smiled, did not feel that she did not write to his any loss.Even if the daughter of a truck driver passes the exam, it is still a big problem that she has no family to support her.Poor kids have to be at the top of their game to be nationally recognized.Xie Wanying’s performance is not top or bottom, not top, family is just like that, so no one looks up to.Think about their past life, with classmates to exchange and write, no one is like begging Zhang Wei so take the initiative to beg her to write.This time after rebirth, Xie Wanying took the classmate record up, no one called her to write, she will not ask for boring people to write to her.”Which bank are you going to work for in the UK?”Hu Hao only chased After Zhang Wei and asked, “London is the global financial center.””You know pretty well.”Zhang Wei turned a ballpoint pen in her hand. “I don’t know. Wait for my mother to arrange it for me.”Hear Zhang Wei say so, Xie Wanying remembered the life of the former life of the same desk.Zhang Wei did not finish the undergraduate finance in China immediately went to the UK to study finance, but finally failed to enter the foreign bank work.Because Zhang Wei in the domestic bank when the executive’s father and mother can not take the price of the top rich daughter into foreign banks.Xie Wanying won’t tell the truth with the same desk at this time, because the family of others one mind worship foreign things who also can’t block.”Zhang Wei, what’s your birthday date?”Hu Hao asked, warm to Zhang Wei’s shoulder.(click below free reading) the second “partial pet crazy wife: big guy is my heart treasure” author: glutinous rice jump (” partial pet crazy wife: big guy is my heart treasure “people see people hide abandoned female, but was big pet into treasure!Introduce: Gu jia abandons female gu Beifeng, the person does not love to spend not like.But the master of the River capital, Jiang Ye, has become her pet treasure.Everyone spread jiang less means poison, people see people fear, is not easy to provoke characters.Jiangye: introduce, my little fiancee, everyone loves flowers, very good.Guide to the pit: the bathtub is filled with water, the water temperature is neither cool nor hot, just.I raised my arm and looked at the dense eye of the needle. Some were fresh and some were pale blue…Gu Beifeng eyebrow eye sweep, cold instant, after er mood extremely good smile.Jiang Ye.She was one-sided. She knew this guy from a long time ago.We see him in the financial press, the head of the Jiang Group, but he’s the head of red Fox.Red Foxes, they’re not part of any official organization in the country, but no one dares to mess with them.Before, she also checked red fox, it seems to have something to do with foreign anti-terrorism, but how much to do…She didn’t follow up.Did not expect, this time she capsized in the ditch was sold, but finally let him to save.It’s just, it’s good.Fate arrived, block can not stop.Thinking of this, Gu Beifeng smiled again and washed his face with a handful of hot water…Some of the original dirty face washed clean.She showed a small face the size of her hand.Beautiful, lovely.Be like cat general clever, having the make public of collect inside again however.Like the soft and cute baby cat, once the claws shine…It must be thunder!(click below to read for free) the third “return to the ninety-zero group pet girl a little sweet” author: Long live my emperor introduction: Song Ying reborn.Ready to abuse the dregs, trample on the best, and then with the old Song family in this full of business opportunities in the 90’s become rich, reverse the tragic fate of the previous life.The result is not before song Ying start, the old Song family of a family pet daughter as life, love daughter into crazy relatives put scum press on the ground friction.You know, you get fucked up for a while, you get fucked up for a while.Into the pit guide: think about it, Chen Ying still do not regret their decision.And Song Sili married, originally not because of feelings, is to see in Song Sili will make money, and easy to coax just.”Never mind, I have all the Soong Sili’s money.After all these years, he doesn’t know how much money he has saved at home. Even if he really wants to leave me, I will not lose.”Chen Ying sank down and thought about it.All the money Song has earned over the years has been handed over to her, who has no idea how much money the family has saved.What’s more, even before she did all this, Chen ying had already opened an account in another bank and deposited most of her money there.She hid it at her mother’s house, and no one knew about it except her family.Even the rich don’t know.As long as the money is there, she is not afraid without Song Sili.While they were talking, the door was opened.Song Sili came in with a cold face.Seeing the wanguo fu tied up with Chen Ying, he did not get angry and hit him hard.Wan Guofu looked sad and begged for mercy.He was no better than the old Song family, and was on good terms with quite a few people in the northern suburbs.I’m afraid the cannery people knew about it, and I don’t know if he could keep his job.(Click below to read for free) The novel has been shared, do you think it is ok?Welcome to tell D Bao in the comments section, looking forward to your comments ~ Review of the previous wonderful content: In order to save his life, the toad agreed to marry him, unexpectedly he is the real big man!”Husband don’t be afraid, I keep you” ancient pure love, he dressed as a child bride, accompany barren childe to live!”My Lord, I can feed medicine with my mouth” “Chou Ju”