Pretend to be friends in urgent need of money, accidentally set routines!

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If a friend sent a message, said his friend in hospital, please help to transfer a sum of money emergency, turn or not turn?In the face of the test of friendship, many parties choose to fight righteousness and rescue emergency, but they do not know the money into the pocket of the cheater. When they react, the “friend” for help has long disappeared, and the money transferred out is difficult to recover…Picture case review On November 26, suining public security in Xuzhou received wang’s alarm said: he received a good friend Chen QQ information, said his friend was ill in hospital, now because of her micro channel frozen can not transfer money, let Wang help transfer money.After several twists and turns, Wang paid 2,000 yuan via the qr code sent by the other party, and sent 1,000 yuan in red envelopes through wechat.Until the real Chen line, Wang then learned that Chen’s QQ number has been stolen, that was cheated to the police.How the swindler lured his victim step by step.Let’s take this case to analyze the trickster’s methods.Analysis of fraud methods The swindler said he would first send money to the victim and then ask the victim to send the money to the swindler’s friends on wechat or QQ.Because without the victim’s own money, they will gladly agree.The swindler then sent a screenshot of the fake remittance to the victim to gain the victim’s trust.Then, the swindler told the victim that it would take a long time for the inter-bank transfer to arrive, delaying the time, lowering the victim’s vigilance, and asking the victim to pay in advance to his friend to transfer.Picture transfer process, Alipay and wechat have security warning tips, but the cheater comfort victims said alipay will have such tips, also said the victim’s wechat account has a problem, dispel the concerns of the victim.Finally, because the transaction was abnormal and multiple transfers failed, the swindler stopped and started looking for other victims.Although the picture fraud means is not new, but the cheater is always successful……The victims are mainly young people with little social experience and weak awareness of prevention.1. When someone asks you to borrow money or transfer money through QQ or wechat, please confirm by phone or video first.If users receive automatic safety tips from the system in the process of using QQ, please pay attention to avoid being deceived;2, when you find the other party is a fake cheater, please immediately inform your real friends and other friends, prevent the cheater from continuing to commit crimes, and keep good evidence, in the first time to the police.3, please protect your personal information, do not easily transfer money to strangers or provide verification code to others, operate with caution.Xuzhou Network Police Patrol law Enforcement (transferred from: Jinzhou Network Police Patrol Law Enforcement)