Shall we apply for a new travel permit in the Philippines?How long does it take to renew a travel permit?

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Now many people choose to travel to the Philippines, where the scenery is good, and the overall consumption level is not very high, not only can let people experience the local conditions and customs there, but also can not cause too much economic pressure to themselves.But when going abroad, certificate is lost this kind of circumstance is really too common, so what more people want to know is his certificate is lost after the words of urgent conduction will take long.If you lose your passport and visa during your stay in the Philippines, or if you lose your passport or visa due to other accidents, you need to go to the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines to reapply for your visa.In general, the first thing to do is to report to the police and prove that they did not find the relevant documents they need after looking for them, and then go to the embassy for a replacement.What is reissued is a blank travel certificate, which is mainly used to return to China and cannot do anything else.This time takes about 15 days, but also to ensure that you can make an appointment when you go to apply for a visa.After reapplying for a travel permit, we have to go to the Philippine Immigration Office to reapply for a visa. Only in this way can we go back to China according to the normal procedures, which takes more than ten days, that is to say, it takes about one month for individuals to reapply for a visa to return to China.Add urgent fill do travel card to need a few days general add urgent situation is divided into two kinds, one kind is his visa is about to expire immediately, in order not to affect his later period return to the country’s problem, need to fill before expiration do a new certificate, and during the extension.Another situation is that they are in a hurry to return home and hope to get the certificate quickly.In either case if his class is need a long time, so this time can reflect the advantage of the agent, if it is urgent to deal with the case, a certificate is two days or so will be able to deal with success, want to quickly to return home, but the time will be able to put all the formalities fill do a complete, fast return.The reason why I choose the agency is its high efficiency and accuracy. If you have relevant needs or do not understand anything, you can consult the customer service of the platform for free, and we will provide you with more professional help.This article is written by Chinese businessman visa. I hope it will help you understand life, study and work in the Philippines.You can answer any questions you may have in the Philippines.At the same time, we will regularly publish some high-quality original articles to answer all kinds of questions that customers meet in the Philippines.Welcome your attention and forwarding