The total box office of new films released during the 2022 Spring Festival breaks 1.4 billion yuan.

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What are your plans for Chinese New Year’s Day?A total of eight films will be released during this year’s Spring Festival, with a box office total of 1.4 billion yuan as of 14:03 PM on Feb 1, 2022.The box office of watergate Bridge has surpassed 600 million yuan and set a new record as of press time.”Long jin lake” official weibo reported that eight domestic film will be on the first day in 2022 (February 1) concentration, respectively is “watergate bridge of long jin lake”, “four seas”, “miracle, stupid kid”, “the killer is not very calm,” bears, returning to the earth “, “sniper”, “pleasant goat and Wolffy basket out of the future” and “tiger mound big hero”.Eight films will compete for the 2022 Spring Festival.According to data from Lighthouse Professional and Maoyan Professional, as of 17:00 on January 30, the number of pre-orders for the first day of the 2022 Chinese New Year exceeded 520,400, breaking the single-day record set in 2019.As of 9:49 PM on January 31, 2022, the pre-sale box office of the first day of the Year of the Tiger has exceeded 500 million yuan.At present, the top three films in the pre-sale box office are Watergate Bridge, Four Seas and The Killer is not too Cool, showing a “super strong” trend.In addition, this year’s Spring Festival ticket prices continue to rise.The average ticket price of lighthouse Pro from Feb. 1 to Feb. 3 was 58.3 won, 58.8 won, and 59.3 won, respectively. The average ticket price of “The Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” was more than 60 won.Of the eight new films released during the Spring Festival, watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake has attracted the most attention.At the end of the movie jangjin Lake, the seventh company is about to go to a new battlefield and accept a new mission.The trailer for “Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” shows a new and arduous task: the 7th Company first completes the battle mission at Hagaru-ri, and then fights with the 9th Company to launch an attack on the Watergate Bridge and prevent the American army from retreating.In the storm and snow, the treacherous terrain of the Watergate Bridge is surging, and the heavily armed enemy is holding the favorable terrain and air supremacy. The American army is on full alert on the bridge deck, setting a trap, and the volunteer army is about to launch a comprehensive contest with the enemy.Wu Jing, who plays Wu Qianli in the film, said that the battle in Watergate Bridge is much more difficult than in the previous film: “Watergate Bridge is the most difficult scene, it is the ordeal of fire and ice.’Chosin Lake’ is just the beginning of the battle, ‘Chosin Lake Watergate Bridge’ gives you an idea of just how dangerous this battle really is.”Yu Dong, the film’s producer, chief producer and chairman of Bona Film Group, said watergate Bridge will be a tougher fight: “Audiences will see a colder, hotter, bloodier and more brutal battle!””Sniper” to the Korean War “cold gun cold artillery” movement as the background, is the first domestic by the resistance to the United States and Korea sniper real story adaptation of the film.The movie is co-directed by director Zhang Yimou and his daughter Zhang Mo for the first time. Zhang Yimou said, My daughter studied directing abroad and her English is better than mine, so she was in charge of shooting the U.S. Army, and she was in charge of casting and script discussions.The two battlefields were turned on and off at the same time, shooting in parallel.””Sniper” is the third collaboration between actor Zhang Yi and director Zhang Yimou as “old friends”, after “One Second” and “On the Cliff”. In this film, zhang yi was paid nothing for his part in writing the film’s plot.”We Revere performance not because it can bring fame and wealth, but because you create a living character, instead of you to be remembered by the audience.In today’s commercial society, not all actors can behave seriously and act well, and Zhang Yi is such a good actor.”Zhang yimou said.Directed by Wen Muye, produced by Ning Hao and led by Yi Yangqianxi, The film is a life-changing struggle story set in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen.The film gathered the “medicine god team” again, from the producer Ning Hao, screenwriter Zhong Wei, director of photography Wang Boxue, art modeling director Li Miao, music director Huang Chao and so on, escorting the film.”The film is about family, love and the struggle for happiness,” Wen said. “It makes people feel that happiness is the most important thing in life.”Jackson Yi said, “‘ Miracle & Stupid Kids’ focuses on the individual, the opportunity of The Times, and the positive and inspiring entrepreneurial spirit, which is an encouragement to every striver who works hard.””The Four Seas” directed by Han Han, Liu Haoran, Liu Haocun, Shen Teng, Yin Zheng and other stars, the film tells the story of a young motorcycle stunt wu Renyao and he did not see for many years his father Wu Renteng meet again, at this time the girl Huan Song and her brother’s team accidentally broke into their life after the story.”The Killer is not so calm” by Yan Fei, Peng Damo production, Xing Wenxiong directed and screenwriter.Film, the success of small person actor Wei (Wei Xiang is acted the role of) get when red actress Milan (Ma Li is acted the role of) “appreciate”, be invited to act the role of male one mysterious killer, did not think of all these unexpectedly a crisis is everywhere “play in play”.As the only comedy-themed film during the Spring Festival, the film is marketed with punchlines and has been popular on short video platforms.As a parent-child animated film competing with “Pleasant Goat” and “Boonie bears”, the IP of “Little Tiger Dun Heroes” was born on the short video platform.The main character in the film, Tiger Dun Xiao Biyuan, is a Douyin celebrity with more than 8 million followers.The film tells the story of the adventure of chasing the dream of biaoshi in the heart.The audience will not only enjoy the swordplay of Chinese martial arts and landscape, but also experience the values of traditional Chinese culture.The traditional “tiger” culture in the film is also quite rich.Xiaohudun looks like a tiger and wears a traditional tiger hat.The tiger also has the image of dispelling evil and disaster, and the film also conveys the good wishes of “tiger roaring spring”.According to Maoyan Professional, all eight new films have been revealed with four of them under 100 minutes.Watergate Bridge is the longest at 149 minutes, while Sniper, at 96 minutes, is the only live-action film under 100 minutes.Three animated films, Boonie Bears After Earth, Pleasant Goat and The Basket of Big Big Wolf, and Little Tiger Dun Heroes, are also under 100 minutes in length.Last year, only one of the seven films, Boonie Wild Land, was under 100 minutes.”Watergate Bridge”, the highest-grossing film in history, has been released on the first day of the Lunar New Year, raising the industry’s confidence for this year’s Spring Festival box office, which is expected to hit another record high.Shanghai’s “Miracle: Stupid Kid” is also expected to take second place at the Chinese New Year box office.With the withdrawal of Mahua Funage’s “Super Family”, “The Killer is not too Calm” became the only comedy during the Spring Festival to meet the market demand.”The Four Seas” in addition to comedy elements, there are also action, love tags, to meet the audience’s different viewing choices.In addition, three animated films are competing for the Spring Festival slot this year.”Pleasant Goat” and “Boonie bears” meet again after six years, plus the upstart “Little Tiger Dun”, who will win the animated film box office champion is also worth looking forward to.Industry insiders estimate that this year’s Spring Festival box office volume is expected to be around 8 billion yuan, the same as last year.This year’s Spring Festival box office distribution is likely to continue last year’s pattern.According to the “2022 Spring Festival Preview” released by Maoyan Research Institute on Jan 24, 45 percent of Chinese moviegoers chose “Water Gate Bridge of Changjin Lake” as their top choice for the Spring Festival.In the past Spring Festival, the per capita number of movies watched was still at the level of 1.2, and 80% of the audience watched only one movie during the holiday. The concentrated expectation of the audience for “Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” will once again form a significant head effect of the schedule.The pre-sale period of the 2022 Spring Festival is only 11 days, which is relatively short. According to the analysis of Maoeye Research Institute, the overall audience of this year’s Spring Festival films is older, which does not belong to the active pre-sale group, which will also lead to the stage pre-sale performance behind last year. However, in terms of individual films, the 3-day pre-sale performance of this year is generally better than that of last year.According to maoyanXiangwan data, except For Sniper, the audience proportion in the first and second tier cities is higher than the industry average, the other seven films in the Spring Festival season have high sinking attributes, and it is crucial to strike a good regional differentiation.In the northern market, “The Professional” and “Four Seas”, two films with comedy elements, dominated.Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake occupies a high proportion in the fourth-tier cities and leads the east China market.The south, central China and East China are the dominant areas in Miracle · Stupid Child;”Sniper” is more western;The three animations have their own characteristics, “Little Tiger Dun Heroes” has a higher proportion of audiences in the north, “Boonies: After Earth” is biased towards the central and western regions, and “Pleasant Goat and big Big Wolf Basket Out of the Future” has certain advantages in the northeast.Source Qilu Evening News, @Maoyan Film, Guangzhou Daily, Beijing Daily, Shangguan news editor Duan Menglan recently popular video more exciting video, all in zhengzhou Daily video number, welcome to pay attention to ~