Today, the beginning of spring

2022-05-02 0 By

Looking forward to, looking forward to the east to the spring footsteps get close today 4 51 points when we usher in the first of the twenty-four solar terms throttle spring winter spring, Yang and qi zhi spring is the righteousness of the beginning, all things all on the new rebirth, spring has quietly open spring, 24 solar terms, at the beginning of, the earth return to beginner’s mind, renewal, a new call on the day of a new you.The start of Spring falls on the fourth day of the first lunar month. There is a folk custom of welcoming the Kitchen God.New Year, I wish you three seasons, gentle and interesting.The beginning of spring, the value of “69” the first day, “5969 see willows along the river”, endure the winter cold, wish you in the warm hurry to love.Spring begins today coincides with the Beijing Olympics Olympic athletes’ success on the field may we not spring, not their producer | | Du Dongyang audit Han Wenyan coordinating editor strong editing | | king contribute Ma Xiaochun email: 2732995678