Why is the US conceding?After a brief firefight in eastern Ukraine, Russia and Europe reached an agreement

2022-05-02 0 By

Today, there seems to be a tense atmosphere of war around the world, especially the recent conflict in Eastern Ukraine, which has aroused heated discussion.There was no definitive word on when this was going to happen, but many people thought it was going to happen, but they didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.Wu east ceasefire in Ukraine soldiers and has had the fierce battle, the pro-russian fighters is the deep trenches of news reports, relationship between Russia and Ukraine have been more nervous, the Russian side continued to report how tense situation in the two countries, but not too much after a long period of time, the east has been fighting, have to say,It was a bit of a surprise, given that the Day before, the Pentagon had been vowing to send nearly 10,000 troops to Ukraine.Then one day, he changed his mind.Ukraine also received the third batch of military equipment from the United States at this time. In fact, it is worth imagining that in this short period of time, two things happened.The first was that Russia and the EU reached an agreement that lasted eight hours without the United States.Russia and Ukraine have finally agreed to continue to observe a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.This is purely a negotiation between the EU and Ukraine.The second point was NATO’s collective admission of weakness. After the exchange of fire, the United States did not respond positively, nor did it send troops. Instead, it deliberately stressed that NATO countries did not intend to send troops.The reason why the United States has been so used to this kind of behavior means that the United States is only suitable for “trash talk”, Russia on the border issue, such a tough response, if the United States does not stand down.The United States has always followed its own interests, so it wants to save face on this point, and Ukraine is a “irrelevant” country from beginning to end, which was pushed out by the United States, and the United States has been plaguing others everywhere. The Middle East has suffered for decades, and there is a Ukraine in Central Europe.Actually a lot of people in cheer for Russia, it’s also one of the more successful a diplomatic strategy, the United States can conflict with Russia’s diplomatic line, in order to avoid the outbreak of nuclear war, and the United States this time is to tempt Russia’s bottom line with Ukraine, and Russia bleeding, even if not conflict, only for soldiers, as well as materials can also look for excuses to consume economic sanctions,To some extent, the United States has succeeded in making Russia’s economic woes worse.Some sources: Defense Times