“Winter Olympics” from Beijing to Beijing’s change and unchanged

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Article/Yangcheng Evening News all media special correspondent Su Xing At 20 o ‘clock on February 4 in Beijing, the temperature is zero degrees Celsius.In the press box at the National Stadium, the Bird’s Nest, there was warmth.The flowing lights and stirring lighting ceremony took me back to that moment in the Bird’s Nest on Aug. 8, 2008.Beijing was sweltering in the middle of summer in 2008.Arriving at the press box five hours early, his clothes soaked in sweat.Looking down from the stands, the packed Bird’s Nest stadium was in a sea of enthusiasm from the pre-opening demonstrations and performances.Eager for a long time, the Chinese people, with the most passionate enthusiasm, show the world incomparable pride.At the opening ceremony, Zhang Yimou’s grand style made the Bird’s Nest full of thousands of troops and horses galloping and magnificent. The Chinese civilization of 5,000 years is flowing and shining in this concentrated picture.The scene of visual shock, so that the whole opening ceremony heat, like hot weather.With the phrase “One World One Dream”, Beijing epitomizes the essence and universal values of the Olympic spirit — unity, friendship, progress, harmony, participation and dream.It was a different experience for us sports journalists to cover the Olympics in our home stadium for the first time.With the Spring Festival gala sketch is a word: I am proud!Later, wherever I went around the world to cover sports events, I saw foreign journalists carrying media packs from the Beijing Olympics.When local people heard I was from China, they gave me a thumbs-up and volunteered to mention the incredible opening ceremony.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games 14 years ago showed the world a brand-new China.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics 14 years later, China and the rest of the world moved forward together.Again, Zhang Yimou chose a more international language this time, using the romance of Chinese science and technology to express what Chinese people want to convey in the Winter Olympics — how Chinese people in the new era understand the world.”It’s how we understand how the people of the world should live together, communicate and develop.We hope to convey to the world the value concept of a community with a shared future for mankind through artistic means.The 3,000 performers in the huge bird’s Nest did not look thin.The combination of digital technology and people, screen images, visual effects, live performance devices together, dizzying.An hour and a half of the opening ceremony, so that sitting in the zero temperature of my heart surging a warm current.From Beijing to Beijing, the two scenes in 14 years have changed the weather, theme, form and personnel…What has changed is the media’s means of communication, the way of reporting, and the management measures under the epidemic.What remains constant is China’s determination, growth, enthusiasm, efficiency and performance.The world has great expectations for Beijing.International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said, “Beijing has gone all out to prepare for the Games, and has done a remarkable job, so that we can truly ‘together for the future’ and jointly create a bright future for winter sports around the world.””Beijing welcomes you,” the slogan of the 2008 Olympics, is no longer out of date.Chinese culture meets and blends with The Olympic culture, and China and the world resonate and coexist, sharing beauty and beauty together, and will surely go together to a better future.(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send pai.ycwb.com) source | guangzhou yangcheng evening news · sent pictured above | xinhua coordinating editor | jing-song liang