Insight into vocational education, foresee the future, central video live interview xinhua computer education

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Vocational education is an important part of the national education cause. In 2021, vocational education frequently comes into the public’s view. The Ministry of Education has issued a document to promote undergraduate vocational education and the first “overhaul” of the Vocational Education Law since it was implemented nearly 25 years ago, which makes vocational education hot again.Is the spring of vocational education here?Has public opinion changed?On February 20, the interview program “Insight into Vocational Education, Foresee the Future” specially planned by CCTV video interviewed Wu Fengxia, the principal of Xinhua Computer Education in Hebei Province. Wu explained in detail the innovative development of vocational education and the advantages of Xinhua Computer Education.Vocational education and general education are different types of education and have equal importance.Oh first said that vocational education and general education are different types of education and have equal importance in the revised vocational Education Law.Through the advantages and innovative development characteristics of vocational education, this paper comprehensively expounds the fashion and practicability of deepening the integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation, combination of work and study, and integration of knowledge and practice in vocational education of our country.The significance of vigorously developing vocational education lies in reducing unemployment rate, narrowing income gap, solving employment difficulties, helping solve the contradiction of employment structure and providing high-quality talents for the society.Vocational education is large in quantity and wide in scope. Majors are generally set up according to the actual needs of the society. With clear goals and majors, it can be said that students can apply what they learn.In the interview, President Wu explained the brand advantage of Xinhua Computer Education in detail. President Wu said:Xinhua computer education development in 34 years, based on the Internet information technology platform, followed by new science and technology development, combined with the Internet technology development and market demand, always walk in front of the Internet education industry, create a comprehensive Internet technology teaching system, students management, employment service platform, to cultivate a large number of outstanding professional Internet skills.All teachers and training instructors of Xinhua Computer Education are from IT and Internet enterprises. They have served as project managers and technical backbone.The proportion of double-qualified teachers is 100%, the proportion of three-qualified teachers is 90%, and the proportion of highly skilled teachers is more than 50%.Original “five-step teaching method”, “six training”, “teacher training plan” is not only effective, and can realize work-integrated learning, raise the integration of teaching, to real training techniques, practice ability of actual combat, 75% of the actual combat training, can let students in “practice” in high school, learn to meet the actual demand of the enterprise.In the aspect of vocational quality education, xinhua Computer Education’s three teaching and three training, three teaching and one training and vocational education have improved students’ competitiveness in the workplace.In addition, in terms of labor education, Xinhua Computer Education has integrated professional dedication, labor spirit and craftsman spirit into its curriculum to cultivate students’ hard-working, unity and cooperation, rigorous and meticulous working attitude, so that students can better gain recognition and appreciation from enterprises after graduation.Xinhua computer education and vocational education is employment education, huawei, ali, tencent, China association of radio and television, lenovo, soft, light industry federation, such as more than thirty thousand well-known Internet companies establish strategic partnership with industry association, to carry out the cooperation between colleges and enterprises oriented talents cultivation, students counterpart employment rate can reach 95.8%,It has also jointly launched the “Highly Skilled Talents Training Program” with well-known universities from South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and other countries to provide students with a variety of career development space.At the same time, Xinhua Computer Education has also established vertical cooperation with regional colleges and universities. Students can continue their studies in universities through the forms of vocational education college entrance examination and counterpart college entrance examination, and can return to school after completing their studies to choose more employment opportunities through the strong national employment network of Xinhua Computer Education.Learning professional Internet technology has great potential as the country’s strong support for vocational education, for students who are not ideal in cultural classes, choose vocational education, learn a skill, but also can achieve a wonderful life.As the saying goes: men afraid into the wrong line, women afraid to marry the wrong lang.In today’s Internet era, People’s Daily necessities have been closely related to the Internet, so internet-oriented talents are also the most scarce talents in the society.Principal Wu has 20 years of rich vocational education experience, she suggested that the majority of students and parents can actively respond to the national call, choose to learn Internet technology, technology power, technology power, network power, contribute their own strength, strive to become a new era of new youth.As a brand name card dedicated to Internet vocational education, Xinhua Computer Education will continue to adhere to love and responsibility, adhering to the school philosophy of “Xinhua Education, education for the country”, adhere to the temperature of education.Xinhua Computer Education will continue to cultivate the field of vocational education, and contribute to the development of vocational education in China and the world.