Li Qingxi seven unique title plum blossom/plum proud cold early spring ode, the fragrance of the snow in the mood

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Poems/photo by Li Qingxi/Seven jue by Niu Gengrun.Brother Niu took a picture of plum blossom in early spring “plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold”.2022 New Year through the cold winter, finally staggering in, this warm spring, plum blossom is breaking rui and burst, smiling to welcome the arrival of spring.Idle meiyuan punch card, drink the fragrance of meixiang, let a person intoxicate.Today, the photos of red plum, white plum, yellow plum and green plum taken by niu Brother Geng Run highlight their inner charm of elegance and refinement.Its ling frost proud snow, noble and unyielding integrity and temperament, are scattered overflow in the calm of spring water after snow.Mei’s stunning elegance is destined to be the deepest treasured page in your heart, mine and his.At the beginning of the year of the Tiger in spring, let’s enjoy the plum blossom, dye its fragrance and enjoy its youth…Plum proud cold early spring ode, red, yellow, white, green smile yan was presented.In full bloom with bud meng liang, the feeling in the snow.(Written on February 18, 2022) # Original poetry #Leave a comment and let’s study together.