Summary of three reference templates for the work summary of preventive health care Department

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1 In the New Year, the prevention and protection work in the further support of the leadership of the department and the coordination of various functional departments and the efforts of the prevention and protection personnel, do a good job in the basic and emergent work, with the superior departments to carry out a variety of monitoring work, and strive to assess a higher level.A, health and epidemic prevention 1, continue to do a good job of day-to-day management of infectious diseases, emphasis on viral hepatitis, bacterial dysentery and other infectious diseases spread, to strengthen the guidance of the intestinal tract, hepatitis outpatient, 2 times a day surfing the Internet to see outbreak (9 in the morning, at 4 PM), is responsible for the epidemic situation of infectious diseases within their respective jurisdictions and registered on the register of infectious diseases, completes the network for monitoring records,No missing report, timely visit and disinfection work, and correctly fill in the visit form and disinfection form, timely report, carry out self-examination of infectious disease reports, do a good job in all kinds of infectious disease plans, participate in the community may occur in all kinds of emergency treatment.2. Consolidate the results of planned immunization, strictly follow the operation routine, eliminate responsible accidents and medical errors, strengthen publicity and do a good job in the vaccination of class I and II vaccines, do a good job in the cold chain and disinfection of vaccines, and do a good job in the work of unexpected events.3. Standardized operation of vital statistics information, timely reporting of death information, filling in all certificates in accordance with requirements, guiding clinicians to issue death certificates and timely online direct reporting.4. Do a good job of advising street vectors, cooperate with the emergency work assigned by the superior, and do a good job of monitoring so that no insect-borne diseases will occur in the community.5. Tuberculosis prevention and control needs to further strengthen monitoring, strengthen patient management, clinical cooperation with prevention and protection to do a good job in chest X-ray rate (2% of medical visits), irregular reporting.6, occupational health requirements of the area of the enterprise files review, exposure to toxic and harmful enterprises for supervision, to participate in the treatment of sudden events.7, STD prevention and control focus on high-risk places to do STD prevention and control knowledge health education, improve the use rate of “condom”, cooperate with the higher authorities to do a good job in blood collection, organize the June 26 International Day against Drug abuse and 12.1 world AIDS Day publicity activities.8. The injury shall be directly reported online, and the clinical cooperation shall not be omitted.9. Parasite prevention and control strengthen the detection of the three diseases, and complete a certain number of clinical cooperation (480 blood smears are completed in one year).10. Strengthen the management of environmental health information files and improve the emergency handling capacity of environmental pollution incidents.2. Prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases 1. Tumor prevention and treatment give full play to the role of community network, household registration management, timely complete the visit of new patients, and carry out follow-up according to the Classification of Cartes scale.2. Cardio-cerebrovascular prevention and treatment should consolidate the responsibility system for the first diagnosis of blood pressure by outpatient doctors at the age of 35, with the card establishment rate ≥40% and follow-up rate ≥95% for hypertension patients, and continue to implement graded management of hypertension (7798 patients).3. The rate of diabetes prevention and treatment was no less than 30%, and 2131 patients were followed up once every three months every year.The card construction rate of early patients is not less than 100 people.4. Health education work combined with the street to create a national civilized city, with the theme of other lines to strengthen health education in and out of the hospital, carry out regular smoke-free activities, consolidate the achievements of smoke-free hospitals.1. According to the requirements of the New District’s Women’s Health Care Institute, all kinds of clinical cooperation will be completed.2. The child care provider shall complete system management according to requirements, and various indicators shall be reasonably achieved.3, strengthen the management of childcare institutions, regularly do a good job of “Children’s Day” and new students into care physical examination.Four, prevention and treatment of eye and tooth disease dental prevention work to do a good job of dental caries silver mercury filling rate of 40%, 850.Eye disease screening, cataract follow-up and epidemic hemorrhagic fever conjunctivitis transmission work.Vision screening was conducted for the 70-year-old elderly in the community and a bank card was established.V. Mental illness prevention and treatment Under the support of the Sub-district Civil Affairs Section, regular meetings of the disabled helpers of the neighborhood committees are held to improve the community management network and effectively ensure the smooth development of the precision prevention work.Patients with mental illness in the community shall be regularly visited according to the management classification, and no accidents or accidents caused by mental illness in the community shall occur.1. Actively participate in various professional training held by the city and district, improve the professional level of the protection staff, select 1-3 teachers as training, strengthen the ability to teach.2, strengthen internal training, training between lines.Strengthen internal work assessment, set up protection assessment group, and formulate internal performance assessment. 8. Strengthen protection personnel and participate in scientific research and innovation.Preventive care division work summarizes the reference template three papers summarize two to six months, the leadership in the hospital care and in charge of the dean of the direct leadership, under the support of various clinical departments, I seriously implement the “law on the prevention and control of infectious diseases, maternal and child health care and other health laws and regulations, adhere to the prevention and control of” prevention first, combining “policy,Actively carry out the prevention and health care work, better complete the task assigned by the superior.Summary is as follows now: one, patriotic health work: actively develop the work of four pests.Deratization work: the hospital unified deratization twice, unified drug administration, unified cleaning.At the same time, steel nets should be placed in the holes and sewer entrances that may leak out of rats in the whole hospital, and uninhabited dangerous houses should be dismantled.Standardize the management of household waste and medical waste.Killing cockroaches: spraying drugs and spraying bait to kill cockroaches in the storeroom and nightstand of each department.The cockroach positive room is strictly controlled within 2%.Mosquito and fly control: clean up the surrounding environment, clean up the garbage on a daily basis, use aerosol sprayer to kill adult insects, and increase the number of killing in key areas.Ii. Health education: Actively carry out health education publicity, urge wards and clinics to do a good job in health knowledge publicity, from January to June, make a banner for tuberculosis prevention and treatment, 2 banners for health promotion, and 8 billboards for publicity;Iodine knowledge, eye day propaganda, measles vaccination propaganda electronic screen each.More than 15,000 leaflets were distributed during the epidemic period.(Diseases: tuberculosis, chickenpox, hand, foot and mouth disease, health education prescription, chuangwei publicity leaflet, iodine publicity leaflet, AIDS prevention and treatment knowledge leaflet).Cooperate with superiors in the elimination of “four hazards” activities and the creation of health city.Iii. Immunization program: Cooperate with CDC to carry out immunization program.Every day, the staff of the department inoculated the vaccine on time, made the record of the vaccine in and out of storage, the temperature record of the refrigerator, reported the report of the vaccine operation on time, and timely input the information of children vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine and BCG vaccine into the computer and upload the system.From January to June, the number of live births in our hospital was 843 cases, with 624 BCG seeds, and the vaccination rate was 74%.711 patients were inoculated with hepatitis B vaccine, the vaccination rate was 84%, and no medical errors occurred.Iv. Reporting on epidemic Situation The prevention and control of imported malaria in Africa shall be carried out in accordance with the superior documents.There were 10 cases of blood test from January to June, and 17 cases of floating personnel. According to the document, there were 40 cases of blood test in the whole year, and 25 cases of floating personnel.Monitoring of bacterial dysentery: send samples of diarrhoeal diseases 2-3 times a week as required. The total number of samples from January to June was 157, and the number of samples in the first half of the year was 140 as required by the document. The current work has reached the standard.I took the initiative to search AFP every day, made good records, and timely reported monthly reports. There were no AFP cases or missed cases from January to June.Standard collection of routine and severe cases of HFMD should be done according to the requirements of the documents.According to the document, the number of routine samples collected in the first half of the year was 30, and the number of stool samples was 6. The total number of routine samples collected from January to June was 32, and the number of stool samples was 8.Has been up to standard.Samples can be collected from severe cases of HFMD.4. Insist on collecting infectious disease report cards in all departments every day, and check the outpatient logs and discharge registration of all departments.The inpatient medical records shall be timely reported, and the list of doctors who missed or delayed the report of infectious diseases shall be reported to the Quality control Office.A total of 2830 cases of infectious diseases were reported from January 1 to June 30, 20xx, and 2830 cases were reported on the Internet. The missed reporting rate was 1.4%.Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the training of clinicians on the reporting of notifiable infectious diseases and the reporting time limit, and prevent missing and late reporting.From January 1, 20xx to June 30, 20xx, 50 cases of death were directly reported by our hospital’s population death information registration and management system, and no cases were missed.V. AIDS prevention and control: From January to June, 24 HIV patients were sent for testing, and 18 positive patients were confirmed.And timely feedback results to clinicians, in accordance with the AIDS confidentiality system to do a good job of confidentiality and online direct report tracking.6. Tuberculosis prevention and treatment: Our tuberculosis clinic received a total of 634 outpatients and suspected patients, including 218 confirmed tuberculosis cases, including 65 initial smear positive patients, 12 recurrent smear positive patients, and 139 tu Yin patients.In the first half of 20xx, 218 cases of tuberculosis patients were treated free of charge, including 65 cases of smear positive patients, 12 cases of smear positive patients and 139 cases of smear negative patients.The majority of patients had good compliance and the intermediate treatment results were satisfactory.Vii. Food safety monitoring: In accordance with the relevant monitoring system of foodborne diseases, the monitoring work shall be carefully carried out. Once abnormal cases/abnormal health events or foodborne disease cases conforming to the definition are found during daily treatment, the paper foodborne disease monitoring information form shall be filled out as required for direct online reporting.By June 30, 20xx, 61 cases were collected and reported, and the annual number of tasks was 120 cases, which reached the standard.Viii. Work of basic public health service project: According to the work requirements of basic public health service project, supervise the management of chronic diseases and serious mental diseases in health centers of each township (town) every quarter.In the first half of this year, 55 people were supervised in township health centers and 880 health records were randomly checked, successfully completing the task assigned by the Bureau of Public Health.The supervision of tuberculosis administration and taking medicine went to the countryside for 31 working days, and supervised 196 patients.9. Work on women and children: 1. Do a good job in the issue of Medical Birth Certificate and certificate management according to regulations.Do all kinds of reports, database reporting work.2. Report on maternal and child health.10. Management of disease certificate seal Shall do a good job of signature and sealing of disease certificate seal as required.12. Work ideas for the second half of the year: 1. Conscientiously implement national laws and regulations related to infectious diseases, and improve, supplement and improve various rules and regulations 2.Strict supervision and inspection, standardized management 3. Do a good job in the training of infectious disease prevention and treatment knowledge, and constantly improve the awareness of infectious disease prevention and treatment of medical staff.To strengthen the publicity of knowledge about the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and chronic diseases, and improve the people’s knowledge about the prevention and awareness of various infectious diseases and chronic diseases.5. Strengthen the management of the new tuberculosis prevention and treatment service system.6. Further explore the management mode suitable for basic public health service projects of our hospital and improve the management level.** County people’s hospital prevention and protection section 20xx July 14 prevention and health care section work summary three summary 3 we prevention and protection section main task is the prevention of disease and disease after rehabilitation health care.It is responsible for the prevention and treatment of diseases and the medical care of workers, infectious disease management, family planning and other work.External to engage in health propaganda work.Work completed in April: Continued the daily management of infectious diseases and family planning.Can accurately and timely report the infectious card, can self-check the infectious disease registration situation once half a month, can timely track the situation of the sick students by telephone.Five students have contracted tuberculosis this month.Two students from the College of Information Engineering, two students from the College of Business and Trade, and one student from the International College were transferred to the sixth Hospital for treatment.The student Affairs Office was given notification of infectious disease.The classroom and dormitory of the sick student were disinfected.Close contacts were informed to come to our hospital for relevant special examinations.Family planning work: conscientiously implement the family planning monthly report system.Timely handled 2 transfer letters for hospital staff, 1 maternity leave, and 23 books.On April 15, he went to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to get more than 1,000 leaflets for the prevention and control of H7N9 bird flu, and distributed them to medical staff, teachers and students, patients and surrounding people.Self-study the documents of health Bureau and family planning policy.