Tell your parents, handle retirement remember to hand in personal files, can get 700 yuan more every month

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Now our country is really more and more powerful, whether it is GDP growth or comprehensive strength, are very proud of, so people also get a lot of welfare.From the current point of view, China’s social security system is relatively perfect, among which, endowment insurance is very important for people. If you pay the endowment insurance when you are young, you can get the pension after retirement.Now people’s life is getting better and better, people will not only think about the current problems, but also think about what to do when they are old.Many old people get pension after retirement, because they have paid an endowment insurance when they were young, which is really a good security for their later life.If want to get old-age pension after retiring really, hand in a material even so, because if handed in, a month may obtain 720 yuan more, but a lot of people do not know this material.When a person retires, it is not easy to get more pension, because they have to pay pension insurance in accordance with relevant regulations when they are young.If some people do not have the means to receive pension due to special circumstances, in fact, there are some public welfare funds can receive, such as serious illness subsidies, transaction subsidies and so on.In theory, if two people pay the amount with fixed number of year are about the same, the pension should be the same, but some people say a month less get more than 700 yuan, after all is why?If accord with emeritus age emeritus word, it is to need to deal with relevant formalities so, and when dealing with endowment insurance also should give activation, it is to want to hand in an individual file actually during this, because individual file the reason of this material exactly, so a few people do not have method to get 700 dollars more.To this, hurriedly tell your parents, handle emeritus remember to hand in individual file, every month can get 700 yuan more.If you have not yet gone through retirement procedures or are still paying for pension insurance, you must pay attention to this issue, because when you retire, you may lose more money.When dealing with emeritus formalities after retiring, remember to take this file, because of such words, the efficiency of activation endowment insurance will be higher, and when applying for allowance, also can be very fast, this file is leave office file.Actually deal with retirement formalities or more cumbersome, but also do not worry that they will not fill, because there will be staff guidance, if all the data are submitted, the information is also filled in, so later can obtain more than 700 dollars of subsidies, this subsidy is transitional annuities.We should know, not be to say everybody can obtain transitional sex annuities, it is to want to have leave office file of course above all, have again the fixed number of year that is the job is 30 years, if these two conditions did not accord with, so this allowance cannot be gotten.For example, a person is retired, his working time is 23 years, the fixed number of year of pay endowment insurance is 16 years, so according to relevant regulations, can get pension every month, but to get transitional pension, it is not possible actually.If a person is retired, has worked for 30 days, but lacks separation files, how can they successfully receive a transitional pension?If such a situation occurs, the staff will tell the retired person to fill in the personal file, and then according to the instructions of the staff to deal with it.If the place of work is a private enterprise or other nature of the enterprise, then it is necessary to open a certificate to the enterprise, after taking the certificate can go to the relevant local departments to do.If cannot fill do, still have other method actually, establish individual archives afresh namely, but do so can have very complex flow.The first is to provide a lot of relevant evidence, and there is also a time limit, so not everyone can successfully create a new profile.If the retired employee has gone through the formalities of retirement, there is no way to rebuild the profile.In order to improve the quality of life of every retired person in China, relevant departments will issue subsidies to people through various policies. Therefore, if the country has relevant policies, we must support them and do it according to the requirements of the country, so that we can get more welfare in the future.Still have namely if reached emeritus age, and the word that has depart archives, so must remember, when dealing with emeritus formalities to go to relevant branch, taking this archives, such words can obtain transitional sex annuities.Conclusion In addition, we should not feel very young, pay or not pay endowment insurance is not important, in fact, it is not the case.China’s pension system is indeed quite perfect. After all, the pension has been increased 17 times by now, so there will be a lot of benefits when you get old. It is really a good thing to pay pension insurance.Today’s topic: handling retirement do not forget to hand in “this” material!Otherwise, they lose 720 a month, and most people don’t know it