Treatment and nursing warm heart, patients Thanksgiving brocade flag

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Recently, suiyang County People’s Hospital intensive care unit received a patient’s family as a gift of “thoughtful nursing, superb medical skills” bright red flag.A 52-year-old female patient was admitted to hospital at 15:50 on November 10, 2021 due to “sudden disturbance of consciousness for 1+ hour”. With the concerted efforts of the icu and neurosurgery staff, the patient’s consciousness gradually improved and she was successfully taken off the ventilator.On February 9, 2022, the patient’s family signed the discharge and transferred to the Rehabilitation Department of Zunyi First People’s Hospital for treatment.Up to now, the intensive care unit of our hospital is still tracking patients’ conditions.The care and concern for patients and their families will not stop.”We medical staff actually have two kinds of value, one is therapeutic value, patients need you for treatment;The other is psychological value, in providing comfort and companionship to patients and their families, “said Zhan Zhongyi, director of the ICU.The INTENSIVE care unit takes care of patients with the concept of “patients first, I treat patients as relatives”.During the epidemic period, in order to ensure the safety and health of patients, their families and medical staff and reduce the chance of cross-infection, the intensive care Department of the County People’s Hospital cancelled family visits in accordance with the management requirements.On one side are anxious family members who want to visit and inquire about their condition, on the other side are patients who need the company and comfort of their relatives, and the medical staff of the intensive care unit are very considerate of their feelings, so they have established a new mode of “video visit”.Every day, the patient’s family visits the patient through the mobile phone video of the icu staff to inquire about the patient’s condition.With the help of medical staff, other patients and family members in the ward also met their families via video link.”In addition to treatment, psychological care is also very important for patients.”Chen Yaya, deputy director of THE ICU, said, “I have seen patients come back to the ICU after leaving the ICU because they were too afraid of their condition and their psychological breakdown directly affected the deterioration of their condition.Therefore, every one of our medical staff treats patients with warm and kind attitude every day, alleviates the tension of patients and their families, provides service with smile and words of comfort, accompanies patients through difficult times, and gives them encouragement and confidence.After the patient was discharged from the hospital, her family specially customized a banner with the words: “Considerate nursing, excellent medical skills” and personally sent it to all the medical staff of the intensive care department of our hospital to express their gratitude.In the face of the patient and family the truth, the county people’s hospital intensive care all the medical workers feel warm heart, thank the patients’ families the respect and understanding of medical staff, but also inspire all the medical staff, as always, with more professional and more thoughtful service, the continuation of “two therapeutic value” escort to the health of the people.☞ guizhou 12th committee of the communist party of China in 2022 the tenth plenary session bulletin ☞, suijiang Yang will handle practical and host: ten pieces of the people’s livelihood suiyang county committee propaganda department of the communist party of China to undertake: suiyang melt media center editor-in-chief: Shi Zhimou | vice editor-in-chief: Peng Kunyu Liu Qin Lu Yongxian editor: zhang li | school responsibility: Liu Qin source: suiyang county people’s hospital