What is the story of this Greek startup acquired by Meta?

2022-05-03 0 By

Us social networking giant Meta (Facebook’s parent company) is in late-stage acquisition talks with a Greek start-up, according to Daily News.The company is interested in acquiring Accusonus, Inc, a Greek technology start-up that develops software for music production, performance and audio repair.Founded in Patras, Greece, in 2013, the company is now headquartered in Massachusetts in the US, but has offices in Athens and Patras, Greece.According to press reports, Meta will buy 100 percent of debut festival from its founder and shareholders.Meta will continue the business of Accusonus in Greece.It will also invest more to further develop the company so that it can better provide the audio solutions needed for the products developed by the tech giant Meta.And that helps make the Debut debut at the Greek-descent start-up into a major global cog in the online world.In fact, as early as Last September, Meta executives contacted the Greek government to evaluate the possibility of setting up a subsidiary in Greece.After months of negotiations, the deal is expected to be signed in early February, with an announcement to follow.It would be the second major deal involving a Greek start-up this year, following jpmorgan’s acquisition of a 47 per cent stake in Viva Wallet, a Greek financial payments technology company.(Cai Ling)