World Wetlands Day, go to the 7 National Urban Wetland parks in Jiangsu!

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Yesterday was the 26th World Wetlands Day, with the theme “Harmony between Wetland People and Nature”.Jiangsu province has always attached great importance to the protection and management of urban wetland resources.Reporters learned that, at present, there are 58 national urban wetland parks, jiangsu has 7.As an important ecological resource and ecological space in the city, wetland park is rich in land and aquatic animal and plant resources, which has irreplaceable ecological value for the protection of biodiversity.It is also a green carbon sink, playing a positive role in mitigating the greenhouse effect and tackling climate change.Jiangsu province requires the competent departments of national urban wetland parks to formulate plans, improve institutions, improve policies and mechanisms, and carry out publicity and education activities to strictly protect and manage wetland resources.There are seven national Urban Wetland parks in Jiangsu province.Take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday, go to clock in!Wuxi Changguangxi Urban Wetland Park is an ecological corridor connecting Taihu Lake and Lihu Lake. It is praised as the kidney of Taihu Lake and Lihu Lake.It is a freshwater river wetland, covering an area of about 260 hectares. It is the largest wetland park in wuxi in terms of single land area.The park makes full use of the ecological water purification system to improve water quality. The shallow water plants by the stream and lake stand upright, and the vegetation in the wetland is green and beautiful.The stone Pond corridor bridge in the wetland Park is one of the landmark landscapes of East Li Lake and the longest corridor bridge in Wuxi reflecting the history and culture of Li Lake with jiangnan characteristics.In the park, there are wetland science museum, wetland education exhibition center, sculpture garden, open-air stage, children’s park and other popular science education and supporting service facilities, to create an ecological wetland park integrating ecology, leisure, popular science and humanity.Changshu Shanghu Urban Wetland Park Changshu Shanghu Urban Wetland Park has superior natural landscape endowment and rich historical remains.The river dike lies across the lake, lotus Island, Fishing Zhu, Songbird Island, peach blossom Island and other seven islands form an island in the lake, the island has a unique landscape of the lake.Taigong ask fishing, wetland song, green boat, string song fishing music, Hudian Yanyu, double pavilion trace, blowing water pull moon, tianxiang race yan, fenghe flow incense, cliff waterfall is still lake ten scenic spots.With dense forest vegetation and rich animal and plant populations, Yushan is the perfect place for people to carry out ecological vacation tourism. Every day, up to 20,000 people go up the mountain to “breathe oxygen” and exercise.Shanghu 300 mu of pond cedar as the main wetland forest, is the main habitat of wintering birds.At present, a total of 89 species of birds have been recorded, among which white stork, black stork and Chinese merganser are the first class national protected animals.Shajiabang Urban Wetland Park in Changshu shajiabang Urban Wetland Park was established in 1999, covering an initial area of 500 mu.Since its completion, it has adhered to the principle of “priority for protection, scientific restoration, moderate development and reasonable utilization”.A series of ecological restoration measures have expanded the wetland area, vegetation coverage, animal species and quantity, forming a dynamic wetland ecological network, and the purification effect of the “kidney” of the city is more obvious.In recent years, shajiabang scenic Spot has relocated industrial enterprises, expanded reeds, introduced different terrestrial and aquatic wetland plants, and increased the city’s “green lung” function. Now it has been expanded to 266.7 hectares.The concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air is 25 times higher than in the city, home to tens of thousands of gull herons.More than 100 kinds of rare birds and more than 550 kinds of wetland plants jointly create a wetland flora and fauna community with the characteristics of jiangnan water town, forming a harmonious unity between man and nature.Nanjing Lvshuiwan Urban Wetland Park nanjing Lvshuiwan Urban Wetland Park is the first national-level urban wetland park in Nanjing, which is an ecological park integrating tourism, fishery and agriculture.Lushuiwan Wetland Park is rich in animal and plant species. According to the 2017 survey results, there are a total of 28 orders, 47 families, 122 genera and 140 species of vascular plants;There are 33 orders, 67 families, 132 genera and 178 species of higher animals.There are more than 100 kinds of birds, and waterbird species account for 83.5% of the total number of waterbird species in Nanjing.Kunshan City Ecological Park Kunshan City Ecological Forest Park is the transition zone between the Yangtze River Estuary wetland and taihu lake natural wetland, and is also one of the important areas for the construction of urban biodiversity.After many years of management and protection, the park has formed with wetland as the theme, with water as the center, set the wetland protection, exhibition, science popularization leisure in one of the urban wetland park, lush vegetation, a beautiful environment, increasingly rich biodiversity in wild waterfowl population increases year by year, especially characteristics of wetland landscape has become increasingly apparent.It has made great contributions to the formation of urban landscape pattern, and the maintenance of traditional culture and regional landscape characteristics of jiangnan water towns.Covering an area of 6,882 hectares, Nanjing Gucheng Lake Urban Wetland Park is the largest wetland park in Jiangsu Province. It is dominated by natural wetlands, with 186 mu of landscape water and 219 mu of green area.In recent years, the park has launched six major projects, including the comprehensive improvement of the water environment of Gucheng Lake, the comprehensive control project of ecological clean small watershed, the construction project of pollution treatment facilities of large-scale breeding farms, and the cultivation of circulating ponds.Through wetland plant and animal protection, water system maintenance, water environment governance and environmental regulation, forest care and other measures, play wetland interception, reduce road source pollution, water and wetland biological protection, make the wetland park has become the ecological barrier in the south of Nanjing city.Yancheng Dayangwan Urban Wetland Park yancheng Dayangwan Urban Wetland Park has the characteristics of the Central Jiangsu Plain and the elegant charm of the Yellow Sea.New and old ocean bays surround the area, forming a “B” shaped harbor and island, which is a “paradise” with intact original ecology in the suburbs of Yancheng.The wetland in the park is divided into river wetland, lake wetland and constructed wetland, with rich biological resources.In recent years, the park around the “water, green, ancient, and show”, such as the city into a set sightseeing, leisure, amusement and health preservation as one of the lounge, urban ecological resort and healthy valley, making it a series, services and radiation of yancheng scenic spots and tourism hub, “center project”To become the Yangtze River Delta region and even the national ecological tourism resort.Photo source: Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development Editor: Shi Hongyan