2 months of babies can use effective ways to stimulate the brain, develop intelligence, win in the starting line

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A baby spends most of its first month or two eating or sleeping, and survives the neonatal period after two months.Mom and dad, who have grown familiar with the parenting process from the initial shock and care, will face new challenges.2 months of the baby regardless of physical needs, or psychological needs and body, brain development needs will gradually improve, in the care has not been limited to meet the “eating and drinking laza”, but also consciously promote intellectual development.Scientific parenting is not only about proper feeding and attention to physical development, but also about brain development.Children’s physical and mental growth at each stage are different, understand the growth rhythm, with reasonable parenting methods, let the baby win at the starting line.01, 2 months of baby development after birth in mom and dad care, 2 months of baby has been completely strange to the world from the newborn, gradually adapt to the outside environment, body and brain development a big step forward.In terms of body control and movement, your baby’s head can stand upright and no longer wobble when held upright by an adult.You can hold the toy for a short time. If you hold it for a long time, it will fall off easily.For language, babies can produce short letters such as “o” or “E”.In terms of adapting to the environment, a 2-month-old baby has become consciously dependent on caregivers. If he is left alone in a room, he will cry for help until the caregivers appear, which is also the initial judgment ability and awareness of emotional needs.In terms of vision, babies at 2 months old can follow objects and notice their hands.This stage of the baby began to have curiosity to the outside world, like to look at people or things or smile, and even issued a babble.Facial expression development, most babies in 2 months, will smile can laugh out loud, head up to 45 degrees, coherent and smooth movements.Advanced abilities. Some babies can smoothly lift their shoulders and head while lying prone.Full 2 months of baby feeding has also become regular, the interval of feeding extended to 3 to 4 hours a day, milk needs 5 to 6 times a day, each time the amount of milk will increase.At this stage, the baby’s brain development enters a period of continuous rapid development until the age of 1 year and 2 months, which is also the initial stage of focusing on intellectual development.Parents should seize the moment and develop effective ways to boost brain development and lay the foundation for intellectual development.02, Treasure mother often do these things, promote physical intelligence development to promote intellectual development, in addition to daily scientific feeding, but also need some auxiliary training for brain development.Baby 2 months, these few things bao Ma often do, help the body and brain development, promote intellectual development.1, kicking practice baby lying on the bed or cushion, you can hang sound toys, or colorful balloons above him.When your baby sees balloons of various colors or hears toys, he will kick and kick happily, bending his knees repeatedly and waving his arms and hands.Under external stimulation, the baby’s legs and feet continue to kick, so that the activity of the legs or arms increases, contributing to the muscle development of the limbs.Baby limbs and body movement can promote metabolism, make muscles more developed.At the same time, exercise is conducive to blood circulation, providing adequate blood supply for the brain, conducive to brain development.2, side lying exercise baby side lying posture to learn to turn over the foundation, after eating the milk lay down, you can let the baby was on the right side posture, put a small quilt or soft pillow on the back, keep the right side lying.Note that after feeding, the food in the stomach will enter the duodenum through the right pylorus, so lie on the right side rather than the left side.3. When the baby’s head is lying on his stomach for two months, the body is attached to the bed, the head can be lifted up, and the chin is also attached to the bed.The movement of raising your head can be used to pick up your neck muscles. You can raise your head gradually to support it with your elbows. Your chest can also be raised to prepare for climbing in the future.4, exercise visual ability choose a picture that your baby is interested in and place it where he can see it. The picture attracts his attention and exercises his visual ability as he looks at the content of the picture.5, spoon feeding 2 months from the beginning of the spoon to feed the baby water, exercise the baby from the spoon to suck liquid food.When initially using a small spoon, you can take a small amount of liquid food, let the baby’s tongue touch the spoon, and then pour the liquid into the mouth.Exercise sucking allows your baby’s mouth to open and close and works the mouth muscles.6, touch training can press the baby’s fingers and back, let him feel the size of the strength, the pace of the pace, while language and action synchronization.For example, when you say “fast”, you press quickly, and when you say “light”, you press gently, so that the sound is associated with the action, and the initial sense of touch is established.Tips: Pressing with varying rhythm and strength can also improve baby’s perception and skin elasticity.Conclusion: 2 months of the baby is an important period of brain cell development, in addition to scientific feeding, but also from auditory, visual and tactile aspects to give certain training.At the same time, we also need to do some movement training to lay the foundation for big body movements.At the same time, but also to ensure a good sleep, treasure dad treasure mom also want to give the baby enough sense of security, strengthen interaction, so that the brain by multiple stimulation.(The pictures in this article are from the Internet. 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