Emergency search!The activity track of the contact was announced in Luchuan, Guangxi

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At 1:03 a.m. on February 1, 2022, Luchuan County, Guangxi Province received the Letter of Assistance for Close Contacts of COVID-19 cases from Guangdong CDC, and learned that a close contact surnamed Liang from Shenzhen Bao ‘an District was under the jurisdiction of Luchuan County. Currently, the close contact has been quarantined for medical observation and vaccinated with full course of COVID-19 vaccines.Nucleic acid test results were negative on January 31 and February 1.Now the time period and activity track of Liang mou after returning to the land are announced as follows: at 21 o ‘clock on January 28, he drove his husband and daughter back to the land from Shenzhen;28 24 o ‘clock in liangxi service area (Zhongshan – Yangjiang highway) stopped to go to the toilet and did not stop.At 3:26 to 46 in the morning of January 29, he himself in the ancient town of gucheng Street sanmei powder shop to have a midnight snack, after driving back home.At 16:10 to 18:20 on January 29, his husband and his son from driving to the ancient town of liangcun white well team a comprehensive pig farm to attend the party.Arrived at Meijia Supermarket from 18:36 to 45 on January 29;From 18:48 to 53, I went to Baixin Supermarket.From 18:57 to 19:07 at Xuan Yi Supermarket;Then he drove home.At 12:02 on January 30, he, his son, brother and sister-in-law drove to ahua fireworks shop to buy firecrackers, then returned home and did not go out.At 5:13 am on February 1, relevant departments have carried out closed-loop transfer to luchuan County isolation site for centralized isolation and medical observation.In order to fully implement the screening and control of contacts, those who have time and space intersection with the contact person in the same time period and place from January 28 to 30 should immediately report to the epidemic prevention and control headquarters or village (community) in their town, and actively cooperate and accept corresponding control measures.Please do not panic, pay close attention to the changes of the epidemic, do not believe rumors, rumors, rumors.At the same time, residents and friends are reminded to enhance their awareness of self-protection, maintain good hygiene practices such as frequent washing of hands, wearing masks, regular ventilation and avoiding gatherings, and get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible to effectively protect their health and safety.If you have symptoms such as fever, diarrhea or fatigue, you should take personal protection, avoid taking public transportation and go to designated medical institutions as soon as possible.Source: CCTV.com