Fine weather for start of Spring!Sunny weather will last for three days

2022-05-04 0 By

Today into the “24 solar terms” in the first solar term – spring, the sunny weather has finally returned, sunny to cloudy today, however, by the impact of radiation cooling, the temperature in the morning was further lower than yesterday, the lowest temperature in the urban area around 2℃, in the suburbs between 0~3℃.The sun returns to the post during the day, the highest temperature is expected to rise significantly, around 9℃, the northerly wind level 3~4, relative humidity between 90%~40%.5 to 6, maintain good weather during the day, the morning air temperature continues to fall, the lowest temperature is between 0 ~ 1 ℃, the highest temperature near the 7 ℃, taking advantage of a rare good weather, there is demand of the public can take washing and 6 night began to rain again, until 12, will maintain the overcast rain weather pattern, rain gear it seems to be always around you, for a rainy day,The temperature is generally stable, between 2~9℃.Editor: Wang Zuoyu Chief editor: Jin Xiaoying