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Data pathfinder fellow lead road special car open xuyong talent to long recruitment “fast and accurate” access!”Look, look!The special car of xu yong comes!”On the evening of February 18th, the “through train to employment” organized by longyou County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security arrived in Longyou smoothly, and the first batch of 35 xuyong sichuan employees will start their new life in Longyou.”Really gelievable!It took less than seven days for xuyong to recruit workers and send them back to the dragon.”Recruitment cadres Xu Zhibin recalled nearly a week in xuyong recruitment experience, can not help but sigh: this “stationary recruitment” fast and accurate, there is a “way”!The Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Longyou county made early deployment and preparation, and carried out a survey on the employment of key enterprises in the county before the Spring Festival. According to the household registration of migrant labor over the years, the “Heat Map of labor Source Distribution in Longyou County” was innovated and a database was established.After further docking with the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Xuyong County, we finally identified eight towns where labor forces gather and have strong desire to work outside, such as Huangni Town, Shuiwei Town, Luobu Town and Longfeng Town, for key recruitment.”Now is the critical period for enterprises to resume work and production, and there is an urgent need to replenish a number of regular workshop workers.”See bureau of human resources and Social security issued a group of cross-provincial recruitment notice, Zhejiang Longtian Clothing Co., Ltd. immediately signed up.Zhao Jing, office director of Zhejiang Xinhai Bamboo Technology Co., LTD., which participated in the inter-provincial recruitment activity for the first time, said, “The government organized the recruitment process in a unified way, and the recruitment policy was considerate, which helped us save a lot of recruitment costs.”Xu Zhibin, the recruitment liaison, calculated that the 10 companies participating in the trip would offer 850 high-quality jobs, mostly with no limit on experience or education, and a monthly salary of more than 4,000 yuan.At the same time, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security has also developed an “online recruitment” mini program. You can quickly browse 6,500 jobs offered by more than 170 companies in Longyou by following the wechat public account of “Longtourist Club” on your mobile phone. Even xuyong job seekers thousands of miles away can submit their resumes online.”This time to Xuyong plan to recruit 35 people, did not expect to sign more than 20 people on the first day.In the xuyong County Longfeng town of the east and west labor cooperation special recruitment fair, Longyou Yi Laida Electrical appliances Co., LTD., he Fenglan, a recruitment specialist, piled up a thick stack of employment intent, seized the “trick” to recruit.Originally, one billion laida electrical appliances old employee Zeng Zhenghong happened to be longfeng town, he was invited to the recruitment site.”‘ Long You ‘and our’ Longfeng Town ‘name with the word’ dragon ‘, fate!Longyou enterprise benefit is very good, work comfortable!”Under Zeng Zhenghong’s hard shout, the villagers were tempted: “Long you good, go to work together have a help!””The dragon tour is just right!”In the face to face communication with fellow villagers, other enterprises also open “visible” “tangible” conditions, in a short period of time to harvest a number of suitable new employees.Zeng Weiping, born in the 1970s, is one of them. He decided to bring his family to longyou.After serious consideration, he chose Longyou County Xiuqi Sports Goods Co., LTD., “the factory gave ‘husband and wife room’, I saw the photo on the environment is getting better, so that the family can take care of each other.””We also rented a big stereo, Shouting mai in Xuyong dialect to promote longyou.”Xu Zhibin with the help of “village sound” to gather popularity, encourage “old with new” to expand recruitment “circle of friends”.The next few days, he actively docking Xuyong town of ten thousand villages, Maling town longpan village and other clustered villages, together with old employees into the village door to distribute recruitment information leaflet, the post to the masses.According to the policy, for each recommended a “fellow” to longyou stable employment, give each time 500-3000 yuan of employment introduction award and subsidy.According to statistics, the “stationary point recruitment” accumulated employment intention reached more than 250 people, of which more than 60% rely on fellow “lead the way”.At noon on February 16th, the first “employment through train” of the Spring Festival started from Xuyong County. The first 35 employees, old and new, set foot on the road to work in Longlong after passing temperature measurement, health code, travel code and nucleic acid test certificate.After 53 hours and more than 1,700 kilometers, the train arrived in Longyou county at around 7 am on The 18th.In the small square in front of the county public human resources Service Center, the county Human Resources and Social Security Bureau held a simple welcome ceremony for them. Huafei Light Textile, TD Optics, Neite Glass and other enterprises lined up and held signs to welcome them.”Xu elder brother, I come!”Luo Shuai was the first to jump out of the car, just full 18 years old he smiled cheerfully, and Xu Zhibin greeted, in the town of Xuyong County, they added wechat friends.At this time, the sky floated thin snow, the outdoor temperature is only 1℃, Luo Shuai dressed in thin cold sneezed, Xu Zhibin and colleagues intimate for everyone to send steaming chicken soup and “warm heart gift package”.Luo Shuai joined Zhejiang Longyou Daoming Optics Co., LTD., and the enterprise made a pre-job training plan for him — the old master will teach him skills hand in hand, so that he can integrate into the big family of the enterprise as soon as possible.Not long ago, TD Optical sent a special car to Huaihua, Hunan to pick up more than 30 employees, which warmed their way home.According to the monitoring data of enterprise employment, up to now, the rate of employees returning to work outside the province of enterprises in the county exceeds 95.9%.”We open our doors to people from all over the world.”Longyou County people and Social Security Bureau party members, talent and employment management center director He Zhengxi said, county people and social security bureau continued to deepen labor cooperation, will have in Xinshao, Hunan, Jiangxi Xiushui, Hubei Yangxin and other places held more than 10 job fairs, for enterprises to continuously transport employees, to ensure that enterprises open stable, a good start.(original manuscript, reprint please specify: “Micro dragon you”) Graphic/Wang Luting editor/Shao Mei Xia Fu Cheng supervisor/Zhang Chengyue like, please point good!