The Democratic Party nominated four young adults for keelung councillors. The white Party chairman said he was confident of winning three seats

2022-05-04 0 By

On March 25, according to Taiwan media reported Democrats for the first time to participate in keelung city elections at the grassroots level, has nominated four city council candidates as Democrats keelung city party chairman “legislators” Qiu Chen far said today that the four candidates are very representative, ready by the end of the campaign to pay out beautiful transcripts, scored three seats in keelung, set up in the city council.The four keelung councillors nominated by the Democratic Party were Lin Yufeng of Chung Cheng District, Ji Jia of Xinyi District, Li Yiqin of Ren ‘ai District and Liu Weixun of Anle District.Qiu Chenyuan pointed out that after two months of work, the performance is commendable, especially “McDonald’s girl” Li Yiqin from the grassroots Shouting “I work, I am proud” aspirations, won the favor of young people.Qiu said that the core problems in Keelung are the employment difficulties, the outflow of young people and the lack of job opportunities, resulting in more than 100,000 people commuting to work and classes in The north of the city every day.The top priority is to promote the distribution of industries around the Keelung Valley Corridor, develop the tourism industry along the North Coast, create local employment opportunities and bring back young people.On the other hand, it is to improve the urban transportation condition, urge keelung MRT and other important transportation construction to start as soon as possible, improve the appearance of the old city, care for the labor and care for the disadvantaged groups. These are the most important issues for keelung residents, and the Democratic Party nominees are also concerned about the issues.Qiu chenyuan said that in the 2018 city council election, two seats of Ren ‘ai ward lost re-election, and the public is very popular with new appointments. Therefore, the Democratic Party this year launched Lee Yiqin, which focuses on fighting for the rights of young people, and with the support of party votes, it is promising.Among the other three candidates, the most optimistic candidate is Liu Weixun from An Le District. He has deep roots in the grassroots, knows the local area very well and has a thorough knowledge of grassroots policies.Qiu said that Ji Jia of Xinyi district and Li Yiqin of Ren ‘ai District are both young adults with a legal background, but they both have great enthusiasm for grassroots services. After being nominated by the Democratic Party, their efforts have won recognition from many local voters.And Lin Yufeng of Zhongzheng district has rich experience, having served as the director of the Air Force Aviation Technology Institute and “the director of the corporation to share love charity Association”.