There’s so much to be done!The Gansu enterprise has contributed wisdom and strength to the Winter Olympics

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Hydrogen energy is the new choice of human development in the future energy liquid sunlight as the sun fuel mainly solve the problem of the security and the sustainable development of the hydrogen from the source to solve the fuel technologies of clean production and the gansu company solve the problem of safety in the high density storage of hydrogen reduces the hydrogen storage and transportation costs for the Beijing Olympics contributed wisdom and power late February 4,The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics have officially begun.By gansu blue secco petrochemical hi-tech equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “gansu blue high) of dalian institute of chemical physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, zhangjiagang industrial technology research institute (hereinafter referred to as” dalian compound zhangjiagang institute) production by 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing zhangjiakou division liquid sunshine filling stations demonstration project for the winter games for green operation security.According to the introduction, the liquid sunlight hydrogenation station demonstration project by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics academician Li Can guidance implementation.Liquid sunshine technology using solar energy, wind power and other renewable energy to generate electricity green hydrogen electrolysis of water production, and “green” carbon dioxide hydrogenation can be converted to liquid fuels such as methanol, as a carrier for hydrogen storage in methanol and hydrogen station site using methanol reforming, such as hydrogen purification way, implement green hydrogen is now active.The project uses liquid sunlight — methanol as hydrogen storage carrier, which solves the safety problem of high-density hydrogen storage and transportation, reduces the cost of hydrogen storage and transportation, and can flexibly adjust production capacity to realize the current production and use of hydrogen.Gansu Lanke High-tech Co., LTD., as a strategic partner of Zhangjiagang Production and Research Institute of Dalian Chemical Institute, has undertaken the engineering and industrialization of the demonstration project of liquid sunlight hydrogenation station, including the r&d and manufacturing of hydrogen energy equipment.Liquid filling stations sunshine demonstration projects to start in January 2019, completed in December 2019, unit test, in October 2020 by the China council for the promotion of industrial development that hydrogen industry branch organization in Shanghai scientific and technological achievements appraisal, appraisal conclusion as “liquid sunshine filling station concept design originality, the overall technical level of the international advanced, suggested to speed up the popularization and application of the project.”At the beginning of 2021, the zhangjiakou Liquid Sunlight hydrogenation Station demonstration project of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be officially launched.On October 12 of the same year, Gansu Lanke High-tech successfully completed the manufacturing, integrated installation of hydrogen production modules and hydrogenation modules in the hydrogenation station in Shanghai R&D Center, and shipped them to the site of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games for on-site installation, commissioning and trial operation.On October 22, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games liquid sunlight hydrogenation station demonstration conference was held in Zhangjiakou, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. It was officially announced that the liquid sunlight hydrogenation station demonstration project had completed on-site debugging and entered the demonstration trial operation stage.This project is an engineering demonstration operation of liquid sunlight hydrogenation station technology. It has independent intellectual property rights and adopts all domestic technology. It not only helps the Green Winter Olympics show Chinese plans, Chinese technology and Chinese equipment.It will also provide technical guarantee and demonstration application effect for the realization of the national dual carbon goal and the leapfrog development of hydrogen energy industry innovation to provide safe, reliable, economic, efficient, green and low-carbon hydrogen energy application.Gansu Lanke High-tech will spare no efforts to ensure the success of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and contribute lanke high-tech wisdom and strength to Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, said the company’s chief executive.Full media reporter Zhao Wanshan, Lanzhou Daily, Correspondent Wen Xiaolong, article/photo editor hu Miaoshan