Us Companies Release Data on Pirated cartoons?Four Japanese publishing giants plan to Sue

2022-05-04 0 By

China News network on January 30Comprehensive Japanese media reports, Japan’s four publishing giants Kodansha, Ji Eisha, Elementary school and KADOKAWA (KADOKAWA) recently decided to basically, in order to publish online manga piracy website data, copyright infringement grounds, will be sued to the Tokyo District Court,IT demanded that Cloudflare, an American IT company, stop publishing the content and pay about 400 million yen (RMB 22.08 million yuan) in damages.According to sources, the company has signed a contract with the largest pirate websites to distribute their data through servers in Japan.About 4,000 popular works such as “One Piece” and “Attack on giant” have been posted on piracy sites.In response, Cloudflare said, “We are not directly involved in copyright infringement and we are not the source of the problem.”Four publishers reportedly told Cloudflare to stop publishing pirated copies starting in 2020, but received no response.From notification to the end of 2021, some companies lost billions of yen.