Yunnan: a man went to the market to buy loquat. When he came home, he opened it and weighed it. The box weighed 5 kilograms

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As we all know, when buying fruit outside, the whole box of fruit is water, the main thing is that the box accounts for a lot of weight, usually speaking again black boss is also a little bottom line.At least the box will not be heavier than the fruit, but if you run into a boss who has no bottom line, that may not be so, you may find that the box is heavier than the fruit.A man in Yunnan encountered such a ridiculous thing, a box of loquat only 7.8 kilograms, which accounted for 5 kilograms of the box, than the fruit is also a lot of weight, let’s have a look.On the morning of January 25th, Mr. Huang, who lives in Kunming, Yunnan province, went to buy fruit at the Jinma Zhengchang Fruit Wholesale market. He picked out a box of loquats with 12 small bags on it.At that time, the boss told him that he could weigh it or buy it by one box, so he chose the way of weighing and selected the box with 12 small bags. Then the boss picked up the box and weighed it.The total amount was 7.8kg and 195 yuan, but he didn’t pay attention to check it when he paid. When he picked it up and checked it at home, he felt something was wrong. How could such a small loquat weigh seven or eight kilograms?Then he weighed the loquats separately from the fruits, and the result surprised him. The loquats weighed only over 2 kilograms. The box was 5 kilograms.Obviously black heart boss is so steal weight, for this he is also looking for media exposure of their own experience, after receiving Mr. Huang’s reflection, on January 26 reporters also to the Zhengchang market to understand the situation.According to a fruit wholesale owner, Huang must have met a dishonest vendor. Normally, a box of loquats does not exceed 5 kg, and the weight of the box cannot exceed the weight of the fruit.The reporter also looked for the market management, in the market to find a few stalls random check, the result is the same as the boss said, indeed the total weight is not more than 5 kilometers, boxes are controlled within 6 liang.According to the management side introduction: there are strict requirements for weighing method of charging, the market is to ask vendors to control in 6 two, even in accordance with the whole box of sales, also never allow the box more than fruit.Summary from Mr Huang’s experience, it is estimated that he is quite little to buy things in the market, basically is the common way of men, the past to ask about the price, let the boss weigh the payment take it away.Don’t check carefully at all, there is no bad fruit in a box, the boss and cheat him, and the boss is to see people under food, see not carefully check the customer is to fool each other.When weighing, customers will secretly add water, and they will not find the hole until they return home. If the management sends someone to check, there will be no problem with random sampling, and the weight is normal.Here also want to remind everyone, to the market to buy things is really a bit more careful, do not look at the payment, when the boss to pit, but the other party will not admit, how do we look at it?