Four seas douban only 5.6!Han Han retweets a lot of stars say good-looking speech!The audience bluntly did not understand

2022-05-05 0 By

The douban scores of the four seas have come out, only 5.6 points!This score is relatively low.We have also seen many netizens express their feelings, some say they don’t know what they want to express, feel all want to express, the result is nothing clear.There are also some audience frankly said that they do not understand.As for such comments, I believe that Director Han Han will also pay attention to them. We see that many stars or celebrities have forwarded good comments on the film on his micro blog.The above is only part of it, we see all of them are saying that after watching the movie brings their feelings, and some say that they haven’t seen the movie, but they just like it.We often see a lot of stars and actors say that a movie is great, how hard it was made, but some of them end up with terrible reviews and mediocre box office. Who is the problem?Is it that the audience does not understand or that the stars are just trying to save face and do not want to offend people?Because every time we saw the premiere of the relevant movie, all of us said that it was very good and moved. If there was some sensational part of the movie, we would also say that we remembered something after watching it and so on, which made us feel really good.However, sometimes things don’t go as you wish, and the final result is not satisfactory. Therefore, this time, the score of the Universal Douban is 5.6. After you watch it, what is your real feeling?Do you think this score is low or high?Welcome to communicate with objective message!