Sweet text: The world all said jiang’s fourth master is not close to women, Yang Yuyao sniffed, I believe you a ghost!

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Can not get things, we will always think he is beautiful, it is because you know too little about him.But I can take you along for the ride. Let’s read on.Today xiaobian to recommend to you is: Sweet text: the world says jiang’s fourth master is not close to women, Yang Yuyao sniffed, I believe you a ghost!The first: “pet pet little lady” author: cattle beauty introduction: [sweet article: the world all say jiang jia four ye not close female color, Yang Yuyao sniffy, I believe you a ghost!It is said that the fourth master of the Jiang family is not close to women and banished to dust.Two for the concubine Yang Yuyao sniffed, is not changed soul?The fourth master of Jiang reclined on his soft couch, looked at his eyes and waved, “Come here to tell you.”– The next day, the old lady test: “Four lang, I heard you want to help yao wench for wife!”Fourth Master Jiang sat upright and said, “I didn’t hear that. I definitely helped her to be my wife.”Yuyao a face meng force: how do I not know?Great content: “Yao girl, you come with me.”Jiang Haikang was angry.He hates people who change their minds.Moreover, the objects are the fourth uncle.”Don’t you dare take her.”Jiangyu south indifferent words, but let Jiang Haikang stopped.He looked seriously at the man in front of him.It’s a normal face.Well, except for his size.Facial features thrown into the crowd is a common existence.But it is such a person, hidden momentum and four uncle……He frowns.I can’t think of a fourth uncle.This man looked so ordinary that he could not be compared with those who were banished from the fairy like the fourth uncle.His face sank.”This kind elder brother, I and yao wench is old acquaintance, just have a few words want to hand over her a few words.””It is not for you to tell my son’s wife.”The fan snapped away.At that moment, Jiang Haikang only think air channeling body.He saw Yang Yuyao waving her hands and bowing to him.Finally hate sound back.”Let it be.It’s brusque.”Hibiscus was in the crowd.But today she was unusually silent.Look at Yang Yuyao, there are only two people at the table, but she ordered a lot of food.She snorted coldly.”It’s great to be rich.”To be dongmei xiu mei again took a look at the south of Jiangyu in disguise.Why do you think this person and the former Prince of Chu……Have similar temperament!”Good, the sisters today is to come out to play of happy, today son this childe treat sit zhuang, all need not detain.”Actually, Miss Jiang Wu is coming here for dinner.Because brought a group of wenches out, is jiang Haikang simply please.But this meal down, he a month of silver is no.A little eat some, thinking of jade spring now afraid not to have a meal, they put a few let the clerk installed.Yang Yuyao proposed to go to yuchun’s embroidery shop zhuangzi.”Elder sister these days uncomfortable, I accompany her for a while.””Yaoyao, leave the evening time for ye.”Jiangyu south gnash teeth.There is no need to see yuchun now.”Yes, it must be for my Lord today.I’m just spending some time with my sister.”After say good, male talent Chou she one eye unwilling to leave.(Click below to read for free) The second book: “Forget not to forget” author: You four sister introduction: war flies, he licked blood, the organ calculated that three years return is still the morning light in the twilight of the resolute and unplucked fine childe he said, “to other people very spicy and how!I have only one heart for you, and give it all I have until I die.”She bowed her head to smile, “both so, proud or frustrated, spring jun will accompany you ups and downs, this life never abandon.”Wonderful content: wuwang micro dissatisfied frowning eyebrow, editing a book is a good thing is not false, but his present so, he is not around, the in the mind is always uneasy very, then stop steps way, “but busy not to come back?”Pei Zhen saw her pout, know she is not happy, but also can’t, the order is difficult to disobey, eat the palace salary, don’t say it is time, even life is someone else’s, you are not allowed to have opinions, otherwise you taste the jinyi wei camp “pressure sandbag” “play pipa”, sure you regret why you were born.Tut tut, now the situation is not people, the imperial official is not good when?Emperor tianwei do not touch, but with a teacher’s adult intelligence, a lazy often tell a fake, this problem is not large, as we are familiar with each other, together with ups and downs, well-known wife pregnant with children, so the a gang is a brother to his left by the gang down I also afraid of him, after all, he had a bum reputation of officialdom, this man said he was NingChen,There were not many people who dared to go against him. He wanted to go home to see his wife, and no one would stop him.Think so then laugh a lot, accompany smile to appease a way, “which can be the most bad at home when short, at night is to come back, if you really want me to come to the palace, to fengtian ‘door’ spread eunuch into wenyuan pavilion to find me, I got the message son out.”Wu Wang Chen said, “That I become what person, but also don’t call people laugh at the death of a man, think there is no way to baba ran, back also face people.”Pei Zhen snorted, “We are a loving couple. Let’s see who dares to interfere.”(click below free reading) the third: “rebirth xianggongjiaoniang qiao” author: love mischief ball ball introduction: White if xi passed through, ugly fat and sloppy, character and problems, actually to push her mother-in-law from the river, only to chase the handsome boy with the village.White if xi said, ugly fat sloppy can’t endure, character problem can’t endure more, she wants to use her industrious hand, change this ultra-low configuration.Night Lingchen walked into the house, white if xi do not want to get along with the eight million people who owe him, so also got up, going to send medicine to father-in-law night leopard, by the way.Can not walk to the door, behind the voice of night Lingchen, “Ning think she is simple, you less with her, don’t bring her bad.”Bai Ruoxi:!!She wants to say dirty words!Damn!She was condemned to death, and in the night she seemed to be reminded of everything she did, lest she should do something wrong.The heart is smaller than the eye of a needle man, in all fairness, night Lingchen is long again handsome, this character is not her dish.There must be some pit in the system’s mind to think of them two together, doomed to fail ah!Hook hook lips, decided to die of anger night Lingchen, “I am to follow her together, I also want to follow her good with a person like, you can not tube.”Looking at white if xi go out, night Lingchen zuan zuan fist, he knew white if xi has changed, red rope wearing in the night ning think of the head, he is not do not understand white if xi pay.But he saw white if xi, will not be able to control the memory of the past life, the past life of ning si was not bullied white if xi.He was so scared that he didn’t want white Ruoxon to have too much contact with his family….Night ningxia in the house sewing clothes, see night ning think back, she saw night ning think head with red rope.He curled his lip and said sourly, “A red cord bought you.””Wayan.”Night ningsi said and took out another red rope from her pocket. “Look, this is for you.”Actually white if xi didn’t give night Ningxia, she gave two red rope night ning think, night ning think for the relationship of two people, made peacemaking.This world is only smooth, there is no perfect.If you don’t think you’ve seen enough, enjoy the rest as well. What do you think?I teach you, click below to read the full article, you can watch more highlights, don’t miss it!Gong Douwen: She is forced to marry the deposed prince. When the beauty of the kingdom has to choose between them, how will he choose?Through the text: she mistakenly werewolf when lover, after the rebirth of one account, out of the mix is to return!Through the text: weapon god hand once through, together with the battlefield death, step by step trick!Through article: her soul wear to be selected young lady, a strange combination of circumstances into the cold palace, from step by step shocked!