In middle age, live your true self

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Life is fickle, in fact, there is nothing to regret, who can live without regret?Things are unpredictable, life in the experience of joys and sorrows are ordinary, life trials and hardships, there are bitter and tired, there are crying and laughing, but did not give up.The beauty of life is poetry and distance.Life scenery, quiet years good, content in the present, in their own limited life, quietly thinking.Some people say that a person’s quiet thinking is also a kind of enjoyment, perhaps also enjoy the realm of loneliness, but also a state.A person alone has a quiet, a person has their own space, can be peaceful, will not be afraid of anything.Let yourself quiet, a cup of tea, a book, listen to the soul comfort, a sense of detachment from the world feel comfortable.Perhaps, not everyone can let themselves quiet down, enjoy loneliness, only experienced prosperous people, only experienced the temper of life, will be willing to face the quiet soul.If loneliness is inner peace, then we can understand the meaning of “indifferent to mingzhi, quiet zhiyuan”.Quiet people think far, only quiet people can see farther;Wisdom comes from quietness and inner transparency. Only in this way can one understand the meaning of one’s life.Time in a hurry, away from impetuous and noisy, in order to let their quiet, fleeting time, time quietly slip away, suddenly look back, we are no longer young.When you reach middle age, you realize that not only do you live a hard life, but everyone walks with great care. You also realize that there is nothing that shouldn’t be done, because there is not much chance for you to avoid trial and error.Snow small zen said: “middle age is idle to see lonely clouds, is the floating cloud blowing snow taste boiled old tea.It’s being the only person you are without showing your face.Is more and more like to be alone, quiet and quiet, and all the worry of swallowing, slowly let the time digest……”After middle age, some people, always think there is a lot of time, a lot of opportunities, but do not know that some people and things inadvertently changed the appearance, in inadvertently gradually away are their own time.Some things, only after you do not care to know the truth, only to find himself is how ridiculous, he has passed the stage of being brave.Time and tide wait for no man. There are always some things in the world that are not clear, and some things that are not clear to see, let alone understand the vicissitudes of life.The most touching thing is to let yourself calm down, let those who have become gentle memories, let those who have become a beautiful scenery, time forgotten us, but also heal us.Life, ups and downs, originally, all are life, the slightest not by people.After middle age, I will not dare to face myself alone because of the fear of loneliness, but I know to stay away from the environment I don’t like, and please myself, have the courage to refuse to dislike, and live a more real life.Experience, I become mature and rational, no matter when, no matter where, can make their own adaptation, learn to be strong, a person to heal, all of their own silently bear.On the road of life, let oneself grow up is constantly experience, constantly thinking, put the unhappy in my heart, the hope of life and the expectation of the future in the quiet of night, taste alone, content with loneliness, dare to be lonely.People to middle age, have become a deep feeling and life, often the surface of the wind light cloud light, calm heart like water, give a lonely and deep feeling to the time, when to a certain age, will live into a quiet appearance.In middle age, the most satisfying thing is not splendid or splendid, but the time when we are content with our ordinary life and keep our heart quiet. It is the day when we accept our ordinary life and live an ordinary life.Sometimes, we do not ask ourselves to live more wonderful, as long as it is meaningful, even if they are just a passing time, life gives us hope and meaning of life, never forgotten.When we are old, everything will gradually leave us, health has become a luxury, wealth can not change to health, only we quiet down, know yourself, let heat not regret, this is the middle-aged real happiness and real life.Zi Mo is looking forward to sharing with you. Thank you for reading!No use without permission.Original text, infringement shall be prosecuted.​​