Love has nothing to do with others, but is the sweetness of your heart

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A poem is Every day of the original poetry and dreams, don’t again and I brushed past with like-minded friends to join the circle open, beautiful poetic time, to a poem is in the world of heavy and complicated, can give you a quiet (added circle card here, please go to today’s headlines client view) not only may when the song of wine, moonlight shine golden cup in the long.◎ There are poems, wine and song, spring every year nai me.- si kong-tu “with a gift” to “get drunk” dongpo tonight/lily cao wen month in the first wine into the throat of li bai wind two sleeve dance beauty good time to get drunk – want to jiangnan sill plum blossom falls outside a bridge a rhyme a boat too young to look in the mirror to spend also want to light out of the water on south of the city after xiao drum two more lights to see when all true happiness is need to preparation for a long time and effort.◎ “Love has nothing to do with others, but is the sweetness of your own heart.”At this moment, time stands still. The peach blossoms on the small bridge and the flowing water are inlaid in the clouds by the song of the wind. A touch of blue, such as an umbrella, comes floating from the misty rain.– Neruda ◎ In fact, the odds of people who have a sympathetic heart bumping into each other are quite small.Many people all their lives can not meet friends, is lonely.◎ A fire in a kiln Brings out the Earth. Time in an earthenware jar – The woman with the earthenware Jar carries the stream into her body. ◎ This is an age when books are more and more, and their influence is dwindling.◎ Pattern is determined by intellectual vision and personality. Knowledge broadens vision, vision determines pattern, pattern affects life destiny.A person’s life, accidental success depends on luck, success is bound to look at the pattern, how wide the vision, how high the ceiling of success, and love, give you a steady stream of power.◎ A wisp of love is awakened by the wind. The soul in the bone is sleeping. It lies in a wine cup and grazes the sky with the sheep’s whips.Spring rain is like silk, light and fine, like a kind of wet smoke, shapeless and noiseless, gently moistening the earth.Does “spring rain” text/side rain waters, as the spring is coming in my palm back yo peach garden in the spring breeze, miles to avoid your eyes eyes and unassuming – light rain showers, feeling for the dream to bang the west window of three thousand white space in a twinkling, light rain onto the heart to play a song of acacia trees peach tree lost its – my eyes precipitation glaciers will tear in a hot kiss you,Blossom palm water yangyang mooring thousands of miles chasing the wind light boat point fishing fire, extradite a spring warbler – rain, do you know you were hanging in the fairy tale of a string of jade curtain only met, heart fibrillation such as thunder into the spring surging dike, your arms carry the four seasons such as spring song,Gently sigh 2022/02/14 thecountry. “a small beetle lay on a leaf a leaf is that it is a green bed so sleep well – it seems to be smiling – my city in the steel and concrete crevice planted with camphor, phoenix tree, greening the tree is my city green bed” was not like the visual look wide, the sea, grassland, fields,The desert, the sky, maybe I think I am very narrow so I should see more inclusive ones.Spring sounds everywhere in the steeping plain Spring sounds everywhere in the Yellow Qing Silks Breathing out the breath that has been held up all winter no longer discusses the sound of falling snow and ice the sound of falling snow and ice the sound of falling snow and ice the sound of falling snow and ice the sound of falling snow and ice the sound of falling snow and ice the sound of falling snow and ice the sound of falling snow and ice the sound of falling snow and ice the sound of falling snow and ice the sound of falling snow and ice the sound of falling snow and ice the sound of falling snow and iceAge is just a symbol of time, and I hope we all have the meaning to match it. Be naive, fearless, calm, or pure, to live like yourself is the best gift to life.◎ “Crimson Lips · Flower”/Bodhi tree slender ling Ran, single flower thousands of silk white.Fold green snow, sigh xiaoyue waste.Fang Rui first burst, green bud new lining bi.Chu Yan old, keep time, cuke Yang static through yarn.◎ The most important decisions, the major life events, should be left to the heart. Intuition is the highest level of reason.When intoxicated with the spring, “wen/people-oriented bow hard a dry reed whistle in remember the spring breeze and rain of the fresh branches as we have been unable to restrain spore inner tides and high above the sky witness chill and spring grass forever lost distance open – the awaken of spring has overflowed with the sunlight through the branches and inner walls remained on the earth is no longer residual frost trace some of our pastThere is no special reason, I just like to go to a place far away.Like to go to the far yard, to cut the grass far away.Like to go to the far road, to see the far scenery.◎ He runs after her on the ice rink;He tried to catch up with her.Then, in a trance, he felt that it was life that he wanted to pursue, a life that was gone forever, unreachable, as elusive as his own shadow.I want to go to a distant place without any luggage alone, leaving some thoughts to let the journey to the full of turbulence time quietly moving past quietly taste let me indulge in a deep sleep after waking up, to the distant place,Is the most beautiful bay is full of roses and peonies rose pink peony best best magenta to vast and deep sea background as jadeite jade with blackish green water clear fragrance fragrance and soil with the upper hand of frivolous – lift water microwave has a day don’t fell the sunset is the fireworks lit the fire cloud vaguely ups and downs of the setting sun and the moon to have geese and the cranes company cannot leave me alone – have a piece of one personPrairie put on your wild and enjoy the time flow with the story of my immature poem steal away to send a letter mailed here is enough for my hometown is beautiful, everything is worth remember well, enjoy scenery – have such a distance the world is not white, it’s nice if so how can I wake ground plum blossoms fall happened, only sweet if not really touched people’s feelings are always plain, it is silent and not make public,Buried deep.◎ To work hard, for the life you want, for the fireworks of the world, for today’s wind and moon.- “spring breeze blow” to “see almonds in an open text/than wood green in micro see red with white love out in the rain that is the crystallization of almonds in an open pink of spring breeze blow to send in life have a very lovely person in the world, the people are looking at this article, I envy those words, the mountains, I saw you.Be the person you want to be!It’s never too late These love words, artistic and beautiful, there’s always a line you want to give to him or her in your heart, there’s always a line you want to write in your heart.A few ChiXing author original poetry | | lily cao/Zhang Zhanyun/party/qing huang sea silk/people-oriented/day Chen/wood green (except poetry in this paper Quoted sentence sentence is from the signature and the unnamed source invasion delete Thank you for being good) view | rice balls of rinse fang zhai (a poem is authorized original handwritten) (most grateful) in this paper, as the original,Thanks for reading. Love you all.With every “like” you click, my heart opens one more flower