Pregnant woman take ship sudden haemorrhage situation is critical!Ship personnel and Haikou Xiuying shoreline department joint rescue

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New Hainan client, The South China Sea network, Southern Metropolis Daily February 12 news (reporter Wang Xiaochang) at 18 o ‘clock on the 11th, a couple in Xuwen Hai ‘an new port by straits stock company’s “Shuangtai 28” ship bound for Haikou Xiuying port on the way, his wife suddenly abortion lower body hemorrhage.In order to ensure the safety of passengers, the ship immediately activated emergency measures, and all the crew responded calmly, contacted relevant shore-based departments in a timely manner, and cooperated fully to rescue passengers in a timely manner.Rescue scene.It is understood that at around 18:27, “Shuangtai 28” set sail 30 minutes later, attendant Lin Liren received a couple’s help while patrolling the cabin.After understanding, a 5 – month pregnant passenger sudden abortion sex lower body haemorrhage.Because of the critical situation, passenger transport director Lin Ximing learned that the situation, immediately to captain Huang Kanjian report, ask for instructions to start emergency plan, at the same time through the radio to find medical staff, and lead all the attendants rushed to the scene, for the pregnant woman to send hot towels, cover a good quilt, comfort.Rescue scene.As there is still some time to arrive at the port, the captain immediately reported the situation to the command center and started the emergency plan decisively.The passenger Department always keeps in touch with the 120 emergency center and takes care of passengers according to professional guidance.Security guards and sailors maintain the order of the scene, assist the passenger department rescue, clear out an ambulance channel.On the shore, the Marine affairs Department, the Safety and Sports Department and the ambulance were already waiting at the dock, making full preparations for rescue.With the help of xiuying Port dispatch and Command Center, “Shuangtai 28” entered the port in priority, 25 minutes earlier than the scheduled time, which won precious time to save the lives of passengers.Due to the timely rescue, the mother and child were finally safe.