Sweet strawberries, red meat, a tribute to the lovely and venerable Baymax

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Today, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, fuyang people’s circle of friends is full of gratitude and moved, salute the most beautiful rebel, warmly send off the medical team to aid the rich.At the same time, in the northwest of Fuyang, Fuchun Street Road Zhuzhongting village, the villagers also spontaneously for the medical staff to send a carefully prepared small token, thank them for the five days of hard work.Today is fuyang all nucleic acid testing “general attack” time, on-site sampling time one hour earlier than the previous two days.At 5:30 in the morning, in front of the village Committee building of Zhuzhongting Village, the medical staff of the provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Hangzhou were already in place.The village committee building was brightly lit, and the staff prepared tea eggs, milk, snacks and other breakfast items in advance, as well as thermos bottles filled with hot water.Instead, there were more than 20 boxes of strawberries neatly arranged on the desk, with love stickers reading “In honor of the lovely and venerable Baymax.””The medical staff from the provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been fighting in our village for five days. They come from Hangzhou before dawn every day. It’s really hard.Knowing that this was the last nucleic acid test, the two village committees decided to give them a small gift. After much deliberation, they finally chose strawberry, the specialty of the village.”Hold in the pavilion village party general branch secretary Lu Weijian said.Zhuzhongting village is fuyang and even hangzhou famous strawberry production base, planting area of more than 1000 mu, the output of more than 2000 tons, planting “big green” strawberry varieties have won provincial, national gold award and guinness challenge championship.Yesterday, Lu Weijian held in the pavilion village party members in the wechat group released a “strawberry dragon” : need 3 catties of strawberries in 15 boxes.”My home 3 boxes” “my home 5 boxes”, not for a while, 15 boxes of strawberries all claim, and villagers want to a person contract 15 boxes.”Considering that it was the will of everyone in The village, we finally decided that only one person could claim one box, but 28 households signed up, which was very enthusiastic.”Lu weijian said that early this morning, villagers went to their fields to pick the freshest strawberries.In addition to sweet strawberries, Fan Lijun, the head of Hangzhou Fuyang Ai Xi Garden, also sent carefully prepared small succulent flower baskets.Fan Lijun returned to his hometown in 2016 to grow succulents, and his greenhouse has expanded to 4,000 square meters, with more than 400 succulents.”Since the outbreak of the epidemic, I have been working as a volunteer in the village, watching baymax make nucleic acid for everyone in rain and wind. I really feel it is not easy. They came to help us, and we also want to show our small heart.”Fan lijun said that the creative flower basket prepared this time specially selected the variety of succulent, such as Chilo, fire festival, white moon shadow, cinnabar nevi, pink claw, lovely rose, Agnes rose, and so on. It looks round, looks very cute, red color, very lively.In addition, fuyang Xingdejia Family Farm also sent 15 eggs.At 10 am, the nucleic acid sampling was completed, and the medical staff of the provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine took off their protective suits and were led by volunteers to the gate of the village Committee building.Before the organization was unified, enthusiastic villagers rushed to the hospital, stuffing strawberries and succulents into the hands of medical workers, and agreed with each other, “When the epidemic is over, remember to contact us when you visit Fuyang.”See this scene, provincial hospital nurse Lin Wanbing was very moved.”This is my second visit to the zhongting checkpoint and the villagers are really enthusiastic.Every time we do nucleic acid must be disinfected, hands are very cold, they keep giving us warm hand bottles.The temperature was only 0 degrees Celsius in the morning, but our hearts were warm.Lin wanbing said that the small gesture received from the villagers is a recognition of our work. She hoped that through continuous fighting, the epidemic in Fuyang could end as soon as possible.It is worth mentioning that each strawberry box is attached with a love sticker that reads “Welcome to zhuzhong Pavilion with your family and leisure heart during the spring blossom”. Below the sticker, there is also a name and phone number: next time you come, do contact me.The correspondent | Du Ye front