The Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Democratic League will send you the Tiger (Fu).

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2022 Liu Xuguang, chairman of Chengdu Municipal Committee of The Democratic League of China (DLC), niu Carries the breeze to speak the prosperous times, and The Tiger welcomes the rising sun and shines the New Year.In the year of 2021, the common memory of Chengdu League members has passed, so many wonderful and remarkable experiences worth remembering will make Chengdu Democratic League brave and resolute to move forward, and together to the future wealth and confidence.In the past year, we celebrated the centenary of the Communist Party of China and the 80th anniversary of the Founding of the China Democratic League. We participated in the beginning and planning of the 14th Five-Year Plan of Chengdu, and witnessed the major success of the national response to the COVID-19 under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council.It can be said that chengdu members in the prosperous China, saw, heard, participated in, proud!In this year, the Chengdu Democratic League also experienced many important events.With the theme of “learn league history, read the city, see the future”, we held the league’s national deputy provincial city league affairs work, successfully completed the transition and political handover, as always performed their duties at the three levels of “two sessions”, to strengthen the study and education of the History of the Communist Party of China.We use the platform to make our voices heard and work together to help people in need.We closely followed the decisions and arrangements of the Party Committee and the government, and pooled our wisdom to form a number of weighty research reports and social conditions and public opinion.We cherish the cities we live in and make suggestions for building smart, resilient and safe cities.We pay attention to the construction of chengdu-Chongqing economic circle and creatively put forward the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing automobile industry corridor.We have caught that the new green industry needs guidance and support, and suggest to a higher platform to vigorously develop research tourism.We have also participated in the overall fight against COVID-19 in an all-round way, and carried out more than 200 social service activities, with chengdu Members actively participating in and contributing to fixed-point assistance, rural revitalization, regional cooperation, support for ethnic minority areas, and ten projects for a happy and better life.In the past year, so many effective, novel and solid performance achievements, so that Chengdu Democratic League in the process of promoting the construction of high-quality socialist participation party local organizations with Chinese characteristics out of a solid pace.In 2022, we still have a lot to do.We will focus on the major deployment of the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee and the key areas of economic, social and ecological development to actively perform our duties for the second year of the implementation of the “14th Five-year Plan” of Chengdu, and welcome the 20th National Congress of the CPC and the 13th National Congress of the Democratic League with outstanding achievements!Here, wish chengdu Mengyuan and the city’s united Front cadres, support and care about the work of chengdu Democratic League leaders at all levels and the majority of netizens: happy New Year, and xiang Xiang!China Democratic League Chengdu Municipal Committee click “read the original article” to learn more information