The advice of our ancestors

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Human like paper thin, the world such as chess bureau new.Poor in a busy city no one asked, rich in the mountains have distant relatives.Do not believe but look at the banquet wine, cup first respect the rich.Tie the highhead horse to the door, and kiss or kiss.When a begging stick is placed at the door, relatives and friends will not come.The world needs gold to make friends.Longitudinal but promise temporarily, the end is leisurely road.Rich with wine and many brothers, never seen a man in trouble.Spill meat friends have, no money, no power.Meeting is like meeting at first, to the old end without resentment.It’s all about the clothes, not the man.Three poor three rich less than old, ten xing defeated how many people.On the third day I was asked, and on the third day I left I asked.The ancients do not see this month, this month once according to the ancients.Close water tower first get the month, sunny flowers and trees easy for spring.No one speaks behind you, and no one speaks in front of you.Baishanhua body into an iron man, tight-lipped learning gold.Very clever to make seven points, always leave three points with children and grandchildren.If very all make, far in children and grandchildren near in the body.In the Yangtze river the waves behind push on the ones before.A gentleman is happy to be a gentleman, while a villain is a villain in vain.There are trees of a thousand years old in the mountains.Life do not frown, there should be no teeth.The more crafty the more poor, crafty original day intolerance.If riches and honour arise from sly, the world foolish man drinks west wind.Ask for a big husband, help people need help in a hurry.There are a lot of people in the world. That man is the husband.Human beings are like water, the world is like clouds as volume shu.Into the mountain is not afraid of wounding tiger, but human knife on both sides.No request everywhere good, do not drink with its high wine price.A young governor has few troubles, but he knows many men and many wrongs.Autumn to the mountains are beautiful, spring to nowhere not flowers.If a poor man gives gold, a wise man will tell him his prescription.It is easy for a beauty to sell a smile, but difficult for a strong man to have a meal.It is easy to be young, but it is difficult to get started.Calculating prajna by heart, backward thinking everything is difficult.World idle sorrow ten million dendrobium, do not teach a little brow.Every day of doing evil, fame is in doing good.Don’t really empty care, only great virtue enjoy ten thousand years.Slanders corrupt true gentleman, beauty kill crazy young.The immortal is difficult to break the stallion’s life, and the heaven is not ignorant.A wicked man is afraid of heaven, while a good man deceives heaven.Good and evil will be rewarded in the end, but it comes early and late.Life do not guilty, midnight knock heart not surprised.All advised people Hugh hidden, lift the head three feet of the gods.Respectable ghosts and gods can not flatten, blame home suitable solution unfavorable knot.Life where do not meet, not because of small grievances move tone.Good righteousness is accepted by others, but greed is laughed at by ghosts.The sage does not show off his own long, the gentleman does not take away people’s good.Good karma requires effort.Good farmland not by heart, industry into a yuan industry fold.Thousands of years of land eight hundred masters, the field is the master people are guests.Yin ground is better than good, fate is not in the day.A king is brought to justice, but wealth cannot buy virtuous children.Not heavy expensive gold, I hope all my children and grandchildren.When things are dry, people are still young twice.Warm water cold fish know, flower blossom Xie Chun regardless.Wollehorn colonel male and female, fighting in the stone fire.Pay attention to learn the ancients difficult, afraid of standing with the flow to turn.Less and less desire yan often good, the old official dream also idle.No good remedy cures wrongs, nor does a windfall save the poor.Affectionate since ancient empty hatred, good dream origin is the most easy to wake up.Hit only eight meters, walk the world is not full of liters.Know how to repay the world less, the opposite ruthless world more.Honor beside disgrace waiting, poverty behind fortune.Every man is dead and every man is dead.Easy to rise and retreat mountain streams, easy to reverse the small heart.Pink beauty don’t say old, romantic prodigal don’t call poor.Dragon swim shallow water by shrimp play, tiger pingyang was dog bullying.Get food cat better than tiger, fade wong chicken.People do not make thousands of years, thirty river east and forty west.Plant not a thorn tree in the way, for it shall not hang up the garments of children.All the stars in the sky are arched north, and all the water in the world faces east.Bamboo shoots due to falling sheaths square into bamboo, fish for rushing to the beginning of the dragon.It rained all night, and the ship was slow and headwind.Remember the youth riding bamboo horse, look at the old man again.Beauty is the original monster, troubled times more money is the curse.Animal easy degree of difficulty, ning degree animal not degree of people.Heaven as chessboard stars as children, water has source without root.Yesterday’s flowers blossom today, a hundred years of heart.North mangzhong poor and fast, yulei cloud change ancient and modern.The world is boundless and difficult from the material, cool breeze moon look at people.Keep your mouth shut and don’t talk about old and new things.To know the world must taste gall, will do human dark nod.Right and wrong to open more, trouble is because of strong head.Seventy years of life to dilute, ask you how many spring and autumn.Warbler still afraid of spring old, how can teach people waste spring.An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.The key to a family and life is hard work.Once the son of Heaven a courtier, a new generation of Chen.A dew a grass, a layer of landscape a layer of people.Sitting in the library and worrying about it all seems to be about the past and the present.There is truth in the book and there is falsehood. The world does not take falsehood seriously.A false is true when it is true, and a true false when it is false.Truth and falsehood are difficult to resolve.Memories of worldly wisdom as false, false repair really broken maze.The origin of wealth more dream, why the heart.Know through the human panic, see through the world of fear.White bi easy buried through the ages hate, gold is difficult to buy a leisure.Where is the life, see down with thousands of fate.