Yue Qifeng and Handan No.2 Construction Project

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YueQiFeng and “handan ErJian” people may remember in the last century eighty s, there are two sides to handan national flag, one side is hangang, one side is “handan ErJian”, also said that “han 2”, is the second construction company handan city construction bureau, “han 2” famous, because building new tangshan, “han” two typical trainers is YueQiFeng.After the Great Tangshan earthquake in 1976, among the construction army of the Tang dynasty, there was a “Second Construction in Handan”.”Han two” departure, when the first secretary of the Handan Municipal Party Committee Yue Qifeng earnest to lead manager Zhu said.”Since you have been sent there, you must do your job well and make an appearance there. Do not disappoint the hope of the Party Central Committee and the great trust of the people in Handan!”However, one or two years passed, the second Construction not only failed to transmit more good news, on the contrary, put forward to increase the requirement of 300 skilled workers, otherwise, it is difficult to complete the task.Puzzled, Yue qifeng could not sit still.He decided to take advantage of the National Day holiday to visit Tangshan.1979 National Day, Yue Qifeng came to Tangshan, his eyes looked at a piece of ruins, pieces of debris, and see the refugees in the earthquake shelter, old old, small small, my heart passed a burst of bitterness and desolate, but also increased a strong sense of responsibility to aid Tang.”We have to find a way to speed up construction.It’s getting cold. We should try every means to get people out of the earthquake shelter as soon as possible.”Yue qifeng said to the people around him.In October, the fields are golden, the sky is high and the clouds are light, it is the season of lukewarm, it is the season of long days and short nights, and it is a good time for building construction.However, the construction unit is still taking an eight-hour work day, step-by-step, routine: in the morning, the sun does not go to work;In the afternoon, the sun goes off work, and for the rest of the day, young construction workers sit on the ruins chatting, chatting, shooting the breeze, or hanging around.”What a waste!Yue qifeng sighs.He asked the workers resting in the workshop, “How much do you earn per month?””Thirty dollars.””Replied the workman.”Is it ok to pay you two wages for doing the work of two people?””Of course, otherwise it would be uncomfortable to be idle.””Give you this building package dare you take it?”The boys were surprised and delighted when they were asked to take over the building. “Of course it would be better, would it work?”At that time, the word “contracting” was still very sensitive. If it could not be done properly, it meant “taking the road of capitalism”. Therefore, most politicians at that time preferred to go slower and later rather than take such risks.Yue qifeng stayed in Tangshan for three days, investigating and thinking every day. He finally decided to have a try and get a “pass” as much as possible.In order to “try”, Yue Qifeng three into Tangshan, and tangshan construction headquarters commander communication and exchange, said that as long as the leadership agreed to two construction “try”, out of the problem he Yue Qifeng bear their own.General commander Liu Ying was secretary of handan Municipal Party Committee, then deputy secretary of Hebei Provincial Party Committee, and general commander of Tangshan Construction Headquarters, yue Qifeng’s old superior.Without official documents, Liu Ying pondered for a long time and answered Yue qifeng: “We only do not say, do not publicize, let the facts prove the results.Yue qfeng was recognized and acquiesced. He immediately had a meeting with the person in charge of the Second Construction Company and made it clear: “Under the specific conditions of tangshan post-disaster reconstruction, the second Construction Company could break through the eight-hour working system. One person could get the salary of two or three people for the work of two or three people.Cadres who lead a shift to take part in Labour may receive bonuses.Combined with the original construction quality management measures, the establishment of a new salary and bonus system, increase the technical content, innovation to tap the potential, connotation development, not only to ensure the completion of the construction task, but also let workers have more income, multiple birds with one stone.”The specific measures and methods are: one person does the work of two or three people and takes money from two or three people;Second, leading cadres to take classes to participate in labor, can be issued bonuses;Third, the implementation of the “wage content of the work”, the company’s profits, with the city construction and engineering bureau.This “unlimited piece rate wage system” and “salary content package”, the first in the erjian leadership stirred up waves, some expressed joy, some are still worried about entering the “minefield”.Seeing the concerns of some comrades, Yue further explained: “We are experimenting, we just do not say, when there is a problem, I, the party secretary, bear the burden.”The words “communist party secretary carry”, let ErJian leadership at heart a hot: YueQiFeng tell us the truth, the staff and take responsibility for us, he was thinking of not only the tangshan recovery and construction, also think we ErJian worker interests, we don’t have nothing to be afraid of, only the arms extended dry!Had the piece-rate wage policy, with “all-in salary levels” of specific measures, with the backing municipal party committee secretary, “ErJian” inspiring the cadres and workers, got give full play to their potential energy, solved the problem of the lack of “technical strength”, significantly speed up the project schedule, the workers pockets is a lot more money than the original,The project undertaken by “Second Construction” was listed as the “model project” of the new Tangshan construction, and became the model project of Beijing, Tianjin and Tang Construction.Tangshan city construction headquarters, soon issued to Handan no.2 construction study notice.On May 23, 1981, the commendation conference of the Competition for Excellence of The Three cities of Beijing, Tianjin and Tang was held in Beijing, and the state Capital Construction Commission, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, State Administration of Construction Engineering, State Administration of Labor and other departments jointly awarded certificates of commendation to Handan No.2 Construction.Vice Premier Wan Li attended the meeting, he highly affirmed handan city second construction company in his speech.Since then, “No.2 Construction in Handan” has become a banner of national construction industry study.Zhao Jinhai February 5, 2022 reference “Yue Qifeng” by Wang Jiuzhan