It is not fat but delicious. It is refreshing and not greasy, light fat, healthy and delicious, and children also like it

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Eat not fat fungus mushroom west blue flower, fresh and not greasy, light healthy and delicious, although children also like entering April, but still under a light snow in north China, a changing climate, we not only pay attention to keep warm, also want to pay more attention in terms of diet, today for everyone to share both nutrition, good and easy to do “the fungus mushroom west blue flower”,This dish is a real health food, even the stars will often punch, because it is not only to satisfy hunger and satiety, but also refreshing taste is not greasy, eat more is not afraid of fat, usually pay attention to the body maintenance of friends can have a good meal, hurry up and I come to see it.Said to west blue flower, a lot of people are confused, some people think broccoli is green, some people think broccoli is white, in fact, green is the true blue flower, the white cauliflower is called “cauliflower”, although there is a difference both in addition to color, appearance looks very similar, but do not cover the nutritive value of broccoli are much broccoli high oh, west blue flower is not only delicious vegetables,Is also a kind of traditional Chinese medicine herbs, its medical value is very high, and scientists have been broccoli extract prevention and auxiliary material for the treatment of cancer, in addition, broccoli is also rich itself contains nutrients, vitamin c content is 5 to 6 times the tomatoes, so appropriate broccoli and our health is very good,Besides, the taste of broccoli is also very good, and there are many ways to do it. You can often eat it in your daily life!Then take a look at the specific method that this fungus mushroom broccoli, fungus mushroom and west blue flower is same, all belong to the rich nutrition ingredients, and their price is also affordable, simple is tie-in, can make delicious dishes, west blue flower fresh and fungus mushroom fresh incense, bite very satisfied, even children especially like, interested friends please don’t hesitate!Hurry up and prepare the ingredients and learn to make this dish with me!Mushroom broccoli: 1 small broccoli, crab-flavored mushroom mushroom (any mushroom) a handful, 2 eggs, 3 garlic cloves, oyster sauce 1 tablespoon, a drop of salt, a little pepper, cooking oil, starch water appropriate.1. Prepare a fresh cauliflower, a box of crab-flavored mushrooms and 2 eggs. Choose the type of mushrooms at will.2. Break the broccoli into small flowers by hand, put the broken broccoli into a container, and soak it in proper cold water for 10 minutes, so that the broccoli can be fully cleaned up and eaten more safely.3. Remove the roots of crab-flavored mushrooms, wash them in clean water and remove them.4. Pour proper amount of water into the pot, bring it to a boil with high fire, add a little cooking oil and salt, and then pour the soaked broccoli into the pot, blanch it and remove it for later use.5. Pour a little cooking oil into the pot. After the oil is hot, stir the egg into the liquid.6. Add a little oil to the wok again. When the oil is hot, fry the minced garlic first, then put in the crab-flavored mushrooms.7. Add broccoli, egg and a little pepper and salt to stir-fry the mushrooms until they become soft. Then pour in starch water.1. Blanch broccoli in advance. Add a little salt and oil to the blanching to ensure the color of broccoli stays the same.2, weight loss friends, when frying can put less oil, or change into olive oil.