National team “ice elite” from tianjin here for the Winter Olympics!

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China’s national ice sports teams set off from a base in the northern city of Tianjin for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing.They had been quarantined, recuperated and prepared at the base for final systematic preparations for the Games.This training base is the Tianjin Jizhou National Ice Sports Training Base, which was rebuilt and expanded from the former national comprehensive sports training base.The base consists of a series of gymnasiums and functional buildings such as speed skating hall and ice hockey hall, which can meet the simultaneous training needs of all ice sports teams. It is one of the largest ice sports training bases in China and one of the eight closed-loop management training bases for Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The Tianjin Winter and Water Sports Administration Center enters the Winter Olympics cycle from the moment the national teams are assigned to the base, until a few days before the Spring Festival, when they see off the last team for the Games.”Great!National team members and management personnel, the security work of Tianjin have thumbs up.For the past few months, Zhang Zhongquan, director of the Tianjin Winter and Water Sports Administration Center, has been stuck at the Jizhou base.With the Winter Olympic Games coming, the national ice sports teams have arrived one after another. It has become the top priority to ensure the training and preparation of these national teams.The Winter Water Center has set up a leading team to serve the national team, led by Jang.These teams, there are speed skating national team, short track speed skating national team, men’s ice hockey national team, women’s ice hockey national team…It can be said that China’s “ice elite”.Some teams have nearly 70 people, and they have a heavy task and responsibility to provide services, from food, accommodation, training to epidemic prevention.For ice sports, you have to have ice first.Ice making is a technical task. Different events require different thickness of the ice, the temperature of the ice floor and the ice surface, as well as the room temperature in the stadium, all require precise control.Ice production was completed at the Base a week before the arrival of the national team, “to ensure the arrival and use of the national teams at any time.”Zhang Zhongquan said.In order to fully serve the preparation training of the national team, they arranged the other teams that had trained here to other places, so that the national team members and managers could fully adjust their bodies and minds and reach the best competitive state without any interference.Eating is a key job for professional athletes.In order to make the team members eat well, the base does not even customize the menu according to the team, but to the specific person.”Some coaches are foreigners, some players are naturalized players, some want to eat western food, some require less sugar, some require less salt, we will make special customization according to each person’s situation.”Zhang Zhongquan said.In order to ensure the safety and quality of athletes’ diet, especially for the need of anti-doping work, the base also coordinates the allocation of key meat, eggs and milk and other important food materials from the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.The details are everywhere.As soon as the team arrived at the base, they found rooms decorated with flowers and warm greetings to welcome them home and wish them good results at the 2022 Winter Olympics.The Jizhou National Ice Sports Training Base is one of the eight closed-loop training bases for the Beijing Winter Olympics.In addition to daily training and food and shelter, epidemic prevention is also a crucial task.Tianjin winter water center developed national short track speed skating team, speed skating team, women’s hockey team and the national men’s hockey team isolation type training scheme, for each housing is equipped with the necessary prevention materials, equipped with car closed-loop transfer (training), the researchers classified partition closed loop management, strict enforcement of environmental clean disinfection and ventilated take a breath, personal protection, and health monitoring,Nucleic acid testing is carried out every day, and waste disposal and environmental control of goods handover are carried out to ensure safety, detail and prevent spillover.In order to reduce the unnecessary movement of personnel in the base, the base set up a special shuttle bus between the dormitory building and the training ground.In view of the particularity of some teams, the base set up a closed loop of closed loop on the basis of closed management, which became a highlight of the epidemic prevention work in Jizhou base.Zhang Zhongquan told reporters that some national teams, like the women’s ice hockey team, just returned from overseas competitions and directly entered the Jizhou base. In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention, they opened a small closed loop inside the base to minimize the risk of the epidemic through “double closed loop”.In the closed loop, service guarantee work cannot be delayed.To this end, they specially set up a service team including field, ice making, epidemic prevention and other personnel, to carry out professional training, from the service process, service route and other all-round strict management.This team also joins the closed loop in the base, and is quarantined and quarantined with the team. After the team leaves, these service personnel will continue to carry out special management such as quarantine according to the epidemic prevention requirements.”All these measures are aimed at ensuring the safety of preparedness and epidemic prevention.”Zhang Zhongquan said.The national team prepares for training in a closed loop. As the “leader” of the service team, he keeps close communication with all the teams and solves problems in various aspects, from dishes, accommodation, venues to equipment and epidemic prevention.Tianjin Jizhou National Ice Sports Training Base is an important carrier for Tianjin to serve the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and assist Beijing in relieving non-capital functions. It was renovated and upgraded in response to the national call of “attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” and popularizing ice and snow sports.At the same time, the operation of the base means that Tianjin officially has its own winter sports training base, which can provide strong support for the development of Winter sports in Tianjin and also provide high-level venues for mass sports and national fitness in The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.Jizhou base has many advantages, reflected in many aspects.First of all, the geographical distance advantage, the base is close to the capital Beijing, which is convenient for the preparation training of the national team.Secondly, the facilities are perfect. Currently, the completed venues and nine ice rinks can meet the needs of all national ice sports teams for training at the same time, which is second to none in China.Finally, the environment here is clean and the degree of commercial development is low, which is convenient for the training and management of sports teams, and helps the players concentrate on training and improve their competitive state.Zhang Zhongquan also introduced to reporters a bright spot of jizhou base project, is just inaugurated speed skating hall.Speed skating occupies the largest area in the ice program, with a circle circumference of 400 meters.In order to make reasonable use of space and increase functions, when the original track and field was rebuilt, the new venue was designed as a two-storey structure, with plastic track and other facilities at the lower level and speed skating venue at the upper level. Therefore, the project is also called “air speed skating hall”.It is understood that this design is unique in Asia.The whole Jizhou base is located in a flat land surrounded by huangyaguan mountains. Its large volume and beautiful design make it a landscape in the scenic area.Sometimes athletes climb mountains to exercise their physical strength, overlooking the venue group from a distance and a height, white colors, harmonious modeling, “is really very beautiful, very beautiful, very spectacular landscape.”The team came in one by one, and a batch of batches from here to go to the Winter Olympics.Many days in jizhou base training, athletes are on the base of the hardware facilities and service guarantee full of praise, “great!Great!”Some national team managers thanked the base for its service when they left the base for the Beijing Winter Olympic Village.”Although the training time of national teams in each event is only 21 days, we have a heavy task and great responsibility. Tianjin Winter Water Center will contribute to the excellent performance of Chinese athletes in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and to the realization of the goal of ‘organizing the games with excellence and participating in the Games with excellence’.”Zhang Zhongquan said.