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Over the years, Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology has always been oriented towards enterprises and serving the frontline, and has always taken the cultivation of high-quality application-oriented talents with solid, hardworking, strong practical ability and innovative spirit as its training target.In recent years, the university has made remarkable achievements in the field of education through school-school-enterprise-local cooperation.In this issue, let’s review the fruitful achievements of “School-School-enterprise-local Cooperation” of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology in 2021.In March 2021, chairman han Tao, General Manager He He Jun and Deputy General manager Jia Xiaohui of Guohua Energy Co., LTD., the National Energy Group, visited The university for research.Gao Zhenhua, director of Daxing Economic and information Bureau, participated in the survey.Becky secretary said guohua energy company, daxing district, school cooperation has the right place, right time and the basis and advantages, the three parties are located in the capital, are aimed at the national and Beijing “four centers” function is the focus of the construction industry development direction and goals, seize the core competitiveness advantage, after a integrated and systemic thinking, widening the vision, creative thinking,In personnel training, capital integration, teacher integration and other aspects of full caliber, all-round cooperation, to achieve mutual benefit and common progress.The school will organize special forces to strengthen in-depth cooperation with Guohua Energy Company and Daxing District, so as to achieve win-win development for all parties.In April 2021, Zhao Zhizheng, director of Culture and Tourism Bureau of Miyun District, led a team to negotiate school-place cooperation with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.Zhao Zhizheng introduced the tourism resources, culture and tourism development in Miyun District, and expressed the hope to explore cooperation models with Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology in smart tourism, internship base construction, talent training and cultivation, influence communication and other aspects, so as to continuously improve the level and level of miyun culture and tourism development.Yan Xiaofei, dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, said that the school would give full play to its advantages in human resources, make its own contribution to the development of Miyun and build a platform for the development of the School.We hope to deepen the cooperation between the school and various departments in Miyun District by starting with the cooperation with Miyun Culture and Tourism Bureau.In April 2021, the School of Mechanical Engineering and Beijing Huanyu Jinghui Gas Technology Co., Ltd. held an industry-university-research cooperation signing ceremony in the school.The “industry-university-institute cooperation agreement” and “to build the hydrogen innovation research cooperation agreement” signed is the two sides have complementary advantages, resource sharing, win-win, material to carry out the will of “industry-university-institute” cooperation “hydrogen” for high quality applied talents cultivation, the hydrogen making – storage – yun – plus – use “of the whole industry chain research collaboration to provide strong driving force,We will promote the steady, healthy and rapid development of the hydrogen industry.In May 2021, a delegation of 10 members from Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology visited the headquarters of Beijing Joincheer Software Co.,Ltd., and discussed with Dong Taixiang, founder of Jiuqi Software, to deepen the cooperation between industry and university.Dong taixiang thanked the school for many years for the company to train a number of high professional quality, strong practical ability of applied talents, many alumni have become the management backbone and technical backbone of the company.Both sides will further deepen cooperation on the basis of the previous cooperation, give better play to the advantages of both sides of the university and enterprise, strengthen contact in scientific research cooperation, practice, technical training and other aspects, and realize the mutual promotion and collaborative development of the industry, university and research institute.Beijing institute of petrochemical industry and the instrument automation equipment technology company signed a strategic cooperation agreement in May 2021, the principal yi-jian jiang with Beijing Beijing instrument automation equipment technology co., LTD., general manager of Yu Hao jointly signed the “Beijing institute of petrochemical – Beijing Beijing instrument automation equipment technology co., LTD., strategic cooperation agreement,And for the “integrated circuit intelligent manufacturing industry-university-research cooperation base” unveiled.Both sides in the field of basic research personnel training, to build integrated circuit intelligent manufacturing base “industry-university-institute” cooperation reached several aspects such as preliminary consensus, both sides will give full play to their respective advantages, on the one hand, actively develop alternate university-enterprise cooperation, as well as the combination of production, engineering, improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises, strengthen enterprise basic theory research,To promote the comprehensive and healthy development of China’s IC manufacturing equipment key ancillary equipment industry.In May 2021, President Jiang Yijian of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology and President Wang Junhua of Jingbo Group signed a cooperation agreement at Jingbo Research Institute in Binzhou, Shandong province, marking the beginning of a new journey of university-industry cooperation and joint promotion.Ma Yunsheng, chairman of the board of directors of the group, expressed the hope that the cooperation with Beipetrochemical will promote the efficient integration and innovation of education, talent, scientific research and other resources, and achieve co-creation, co-education, sharing and win-win.Yi-jian jiang, the President of Beijing bo insists industry from the initial development of school-run factory to become a globally, at the top of the modernization of Chinese enterprise 500 strong industry group said admiration, hope in the future on the basis of the “N1N fusion education base”, in talents cultivation, application technology and skills, the application of scientific and technological achievements transformation to obtain the updated development.Beijing institute of petrochemical and daxing district emergency administration held cooperation framework agreement signing and build the “safety and emergency industry-university-institute cooperation base” the ceremony in May 2021, Beijing institute of petroleum and chemical safety engineering institute and the daxing district emergency management agency for the cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony and build the “safety and emergency industry-university-institute cooperation base” the opening ceremony.Both sides said they would take this opportunity to work together, in theoretical innovation, personnel training, academic exchange, science and technology development and engineering application of multi-channel, multi-form in close cooperation, forming a virtuous circle between universities, government, power, daxing district, Beijing’s emergency management system and the ability to modernization, as the capital of the service function of “four centers” construction make greater contributions.Beijing institute of petrochemical college marxism by the open area signed a cooperation agreement with Beijing in June 2021, Beijing institute of petrochemical marxism institute and Beijing economic and technological development zone committee propaganda ministry of culture signed on the new era civilization practice working cooperation agreement “, the school will give full play to the disciplines and professional advantages,We will actively disseminate scientific theories, promote new trends of The Times, cultivate new talents of The Times, and build a civilization practice center of the new era.To assist the economic development zone to thoroughly carry out the civilized practice activities of “learning history, loving the party’s strong mission, bravely being the pioneer to open a new bureau”, and promote the civilized practice work of the economic development zone to step up and open a new bureau.In June 2021, Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology and Daxing Branch Company of China Post Group Co., LTD held a school-enterprise symposium to communicate and reach a preliminary consensus on cooperation matters.First, to sign the framework agreement on postal services and carry out multi-angle cooperation;Second, according to the talent training needs, luggage delivery, graduate personalized project, multi-functional cultural post office project and makerspace project proposed by the university, we should make clear the time nodes and contacts and promote in-depth cooperation.The third is to carry out the docking of key projects, including the establishment of a shared delivery platform, the organization of financial lectures, and the joint construction of the “Campus Culture-themed post Office” of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, and the construction of a “landmark” punching place in accordance with the cultural deposits of the campus.Fourth, jointly build party affairs and carry out volunteer services.In July 2021, Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology and Beijing Association for Science and Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement.Previously, associate professor Kang Jian from the School of Safety Engineering and the School of Continuing Education applied for the project “Research on the Combination of Scientific research and popular Science in Beijing”, which was approved as one of the two municipal universities approved for such projects in 2021.Mr. Zhang Lili from the College of Information Engineering and Mr. Zhang Renyou from the College of Safety Engineering and The College of Continuing Education were selected as the Young Talent Promotion Project of the Year 2021-2023 by Beijing Science Bureau.Future both sides will major in colleges and universities to promote science and technology workers of ideological and political leadership and study style construction, active atmosphere of school academic exchanges, promote all-round exchanges and cooperation between society and school, explores the association for science and technology service of science and technology innovation system mechanism, improve service citizens scientific quality promotion, to explore the association for science and technology organization system and working mechanism in six aspects, such as strengthening cooperation,We will establish liaison and communication mechanisms to play a greater role in promoting scientific and technological progress and economic and social development in the Capital region.In September 2021, the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and Jiuchen Intelligence signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop a new generation of fundus imaging equipment.The new generation of fundus imaging equipment, with true color, high definition, ultra-wide Angle three characteristics, to achieve the true WYSIWYG, capture more than 90% of the fundus range, can be more early and more sensitive detection of posterior pole and peripheral retinopathy.In October 2021, Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology and Ajou University held a launching ceremony for cooperation in scientific research and education.The two sides signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Scientific Research and Education between Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology and Korea Asia University.According to the memorandum, the two sides will carry out joint doctoral programs in the fields of artificial intelligence and computer science and technology, organize academic exchanges and visits between researchers and graduate students, and jointly carry out academic research in related fields.The establishment of “China-South Korea International Joint Research Center on Artificial Intelligence” to jointly train doctoral students marks that the talent training of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence has entered a stage of high-quality development, which will strongly promote high-level talent training and discipline construction of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology.Beijing institute of petrochemical economic management college teachers to research was in November 2021, the international trade department, as well as economic management college professor responsibility ZhongChongWen and jin-gang guo, Han Yan four teachers in daxing sales department was swap discussion, from the student internship, professional construction, enterprise needs an in-depth research.The two sides indicated that they would continue to carry out various forms of university-industry cooperation to continuously improve the ability of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology to serve regional economic development and make contributions to the development of Daxing District by transporting excellent financial talents.City of Beijing institute of petrochemical industry and the developing economic district of long run bureau, national wealth red data, the Software company signed a strategic cooperation agreement (national wealth research) in December 2021, Beijing institute of petrochemical and run the Beijing economic and technological development zone city bureau, national wealth data system Co., Ltd, Beijing Join – Cheer Software Co., ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement,We will carry out in-depth cooperation in promoting “advanced, sophisticated” technological innovation, cultivating application-oriented personnel, and building practice and training bases.According to the agreement, the university will send outstanding technical personnel to carry out technical services in the field of safety production and emergency management, carry out teaching and practice activities integrating industry and education with relevant enterprises, and actively build post-doctoral sub-stations and research, practice and practice bases in the field of safety engineering and emergency management.The university and Guofrui Data System co., Ltd. carry out professional construction based on the needs of the big data industry, and jointly build off-campus training base, faculty building, scientific research service platform and promote the transformation of achievements.(Jiuqi Software Research) The university and Jiuqi Software Co., Ltd. set up training and internship bases for big data, smart finance and professional cutting-edge technology, and carried out the construction of curriculum system, teaching resources and skill certification.Jointly with big data, accounting, assets and other industrial alliance members and related institutions, to build a talent employment exchange and social training service platform.To the future, Beijing institute of petrochemical industry will further promote the colleges of enterprises cooperation, and constantly develop new channels, the coordinated development of Taiwan companies to continuously improve the cooperative innovation mechanism, through close cooperation in the form of boosting colleges of enterprise cooperative innovation, for regional development, the school comprehensive strength, students employment quality improvement provided strong impetus.Pay attention to the headline of “Recruitment of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology” and get more exciting news and article material source: Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology Morning News, official website of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, official weibo