This “thank you letter” is very special, quzhou high-speed rescue was praised

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“Special thanks for the accident, Zhejiang Transportation Group Quzhou management center Jiangshan rescue brigade quick response, but also to thank these two kind staff, good life safe, give you praise!”Recently, a video thank, let Zhejiang communications Group Quzhou management center Jiangshan rescue brigade rescue brigade personnel feeling extremely.Things have to start from the third day of the Chinese New Year.At about 13 o ‘clock on the same day, rescue team Han Yongwei, Wang Wei received quzhou regional monitoring command center transfer instructions, huangshan huangshan huangshan south expressway jianglang Mountain section, there is a JI C license car due to the breakdown anchored on the highway.After receiving the task, two members of the team immediately set out, arrived at the scene to find the fault of the vehicle in the overtaking lane, passing vehicles speed fast, then it was raining, the situation is very critical.Han Yongwei and Wang Wei worked together to move the car to the hard shoulder in the first time under the premise of doing a good job of early warning measures to carry out vehicle rescue operations.In the process of operation, experienced Han Yongwei found that the vehicle tire ripen stuck and unloaded, if forced to knock is likely to damage the tire and ripen, in view of safety considerations, decided to drag the broken car to the nearest toll station exit.The car repair shops were closed during the Spring Festival holiday.To the toll station exit, in the premise of early warning measures, Han Yongwei with many years of rescue experience, using the rope on the trailer will successfully card dead on the tire of the steel ring undamaged disassembled, and give the car changed the spare tire.The accident owner saw the rv fixed, overjoyed, a thank you, then took out a red envelope from the pocket to han Yongwei.Mr Han declined, saying it was what an ordinary commuter should do, and wished the driver a happy Chinese New Year.”At that time, the car broke down in the overtaking lane. It was New Year’s Day and raining. I was very anxious.After the high-speed call for help, the rescue personnel arrived at the scene in less than 15 minutes, free troubleshooting, take the trouble, really special thanks!”Mr. Zhang, the driver of the accident car, said that he was engaged in self-media communication, back to the platform for two people so “warm heart” quality service publicity point praise, this just had the beginning of the scene.Supervise | butyl future Zheng Li edit | | the correspondent Chiang display He Qian Zhou Ping * all peer originator, reprint please indicate the source.