What kind of ambition did Li Yuan have, if you look at the names of his four sons together, you will understand

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It is well known that emperor yangdi is we in ancient Chinese history a very brutal incompetence of the emperor, during the period of emperor yangdi came to power, people’s life is very painful, so will be later the tang dynasty emperor tang gaozu opposed to revolt, from this thing, we might think that tang gaozu opposed to revolt, but was forced to helpless.However, Li Yuan later chose to overthrow the Sui Dynasty and establish a new dynasty. His ambition can be seen from the names of li Yuan’s four sons. So, what are the implied meanings of the names of Li Yuan’s four sons?Let’s get to know it together.01 to the sui dynasty to the retainer tang gaozu was born in a noble family, his grandfather was qiu wei period, be called is one of the eight columns countries of the western wei dynasty, later by canonization Tang Guogong by the emperor at that time, the degree of the emperor’s favorite is also evident from this, and tang gaozu’s father is their of the period.So li yuean grew up living in a family trait very strong family, his father since childhood education tang gaozu to study hard, good achievements in the future, contribute to the country, and of little tang gaozu, grew up in his father’s strict teaching, also very motivated, treat people is a common style,So when Li Yuan grew up, he succeeded in winning the favor of the founding emperor Of the Sui Dynasty, Emperor Wen.Sui wendi for tang gaozu very valued, first let li yuean as his guard military attache, later to years of tang gaozu, sent him to anhui, shanxi, henan and other places for important positions, and tang gaozu nature is not sui wendi also hopes and expectation, has always been committed to the sui dynasty, sui wendi done everything.During tang gaozu as shaanxi’s secretariat, he for the development of shanxi’s economy, let the shaanxi local people a better life to make a lot of admirable things, at the same time, in politics, tang gaozu is very pay attention to people’s grievances, during the period of tang gaozu as secretariat of shaanxi, shaanxi political is very clear, the secretariat was praised by people for tang gaozu.Emperor Wendi of Sui Dynasty is a very good emperor who makes great efforts to govern for the country and the people, but how just when Emperor Wendi of Sui Dynasty wants to lead the numerous able person general phase of Sui Dynasty to brilliant when, again bizarre left the world, can only pass his imperial throne to his second son Yang Guang.02 later overthrowing the rule of the sui dynasty in theory, with sui wendi lay a solid foundation, with the help of numerous ministers and sui dynasty assisted, emperor yangdi Yang Guang is certainly can create new splendor on the basis of his father, but did not think of, after emperor yangdi replaced heir inherited the sui dynasty jiangshan, sui dynasty began to decline.Yang Guang after inheriting the throne, the first is ordered, let all the princes to find a way to build the grand canal, at the same time, also let a person crazy repaired the dragon boat, ship and other ships, and Yang Guang is want to build the grand canal and the ships, not for the sake of the sui dynasty’s political and economic, instead of just to satisfy their personal desires, convenient he would go to yangzhou.In addition, Yang Guang was not satisfied with the construction of the Grand Canal and his frequent trips to Yangzhou. He even built huge palaces in various places of the Sui Dynasty.The people are very angry for emperor Yang’s doing so, so during the reign of Emperor Yang of Sui, the folk is always the uprising, and Li Yuan in the reign of Emperor Wen of Sui, after feeling the social atmosphere of the river, qing and Haiyan, how can stand the style of Emperor Yang so arrogant and extravagant?Therefore, under the increasingly brutal rule of Emperor Yang of The Sui Dynasty, Li Yuan finally chose to overthrow the Rule of the Sui Dynasty and rebuild a new country, so that the people really live a peaceful life without war and murder.Therefore, Li Yuan, who had served as the chief minister of the Sui Dynasty, finally chose to rebel in Taiyuan.He is to let his son first prof li in hedong district to meet some of the early talent, with a rich squire in hedong region HaoShang good idea, and secondly, he also let his second son account everywhere constantly recruit talents, for his later the sui established a strong network of contacts, there are so many artist generalship’s support, at the same time,With the help of several talented sons, Li Yuan soon succeeded in overthrowing the Sui Dynasty and established a new dynasty, the Tang Dynasty.Was 03 or ambition hidden from above what has happened, we are more likely to feel him tang gaozu to revolt, only a forced behavior, because the time of the tang gaozu also in danger of suffering, emperor yangdi for tang gaozu is not trust, often on tang gaozu and his family, so tang gaozu under the helpless, can only choose from to revolt,But did Li Yuan really have no ambition of his own?Did he never think of declaring himself king and ruling the world?Actually we just from tang gaozu can be seen in the name of the four sons, tang gaozu is actually an unfathomable ambitious man, his eldest son was called prof li, actually imply to spurs, success, and his two sons account name means saving their daughter, tang gaozu’s third son name is yuan,From the character ba, we can see that Li Yuan meant that he wanted to be a hero and hegemony, and li Yuanji, the fourth son of Li Yuan, actually meant that everything was all right.The order in which the names of li Yuan’s four sons are given gives us a sense of how ambitious Li Yuan was. First, he wanted to make a difference and save the world, and then he wanted to rule the world forever.04 epilogue but tang gaozu’s own ability is not worthy of his ambitions, in tang gaozu successfully overcoming obstacles, unify jiangshan set up shortly after the tang dynasty, he was the second son account deprived of the throne, and he can only be reached its imprisoned in the palace, live a life pension age care, this life for ordinary as we may be can not,But for Li Yuan, an ambitious man, it was torture.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!