Who should I practice first for a beginner character?Five years of Sapped Knights recommended it

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“Blue sea tide living longying now, stone shore xiao fall a long song” hello!I am the old Knight of Vitality: a gamer.As a dungeon-type game launched on the mobile game platform in 2017, “Vitality Knight” has come a long way which can be described as “bumpy”. At first, because the gameplay mechanism is similar to many games, PC players were accused of “copying”.Then because of the game in the krypton gold project gradually increased, and was part of the irony cool house forget the original conscience no longer.In the early days, cool House received a mixed reputation, but the controversy also gained it a high popularity. After all, there is an old saying in the Internet: “There are many reasons for the explosion of popularity, even if it is” black and red “, it is still red.Therefore, amid the interweaves of criticism and praise, The Knight of Vitality has finally reached his highlight moment in the middle of 2019-2020.When a thing reaches its peak, it has to go down. After all, no one can keep themselves at the peak all the time, so in the period of 2020-2022, Vitality Rider faces the biggest crisis “in history”.Maybe it’s because of player fatigue, or maybe it’s because the cool House studio is running out of ideas, but in the current Version of Yuanqi Knight, the gameplay is getting richer, but there are fewer and fewer players.Take a game’s new force “meng xin” players for example. Faced with such a complex game as “Yuanqi Knight”, if there is no enthusiastic guidance from the old players, it is easy to be “discouraged by strength” just by exploring on their own.It takes a long time to learn the essence of both the class skills and the improved talents, and the hundreds of different levels of weapons and equipment are a nightmare for novice players.As a loyal supporter of “Vitality Knight”, Lao Zhai decided to change the past “idle work”, and strive to increase their contribution to this game.So let’s get rid of the boring topics and focus on the first question a beginner needs to know: Who should you train for in an entry-level career?Four years of Sapped Knights recommended it.For novice players, there is no more than a knight for the first time, but if the experience of an experienced player is to evaluate, knight is not suitable for the use of new MOE.Because the professional characteristics of the knight is to give up the absolute output of defense, and this kind of attack for the experienced old players is naturally no disadvantage, but in those who do not fully control the position of the sprout new hands, it becomes the fuse of the “psychological explosion”.Therefore, Lao Zhai believes that what MOE needs is the absolute defense without the requirement of moving position, rather than the absolute output that is proportional to the attack and risk.For many players, having an epic skin or two in a major game may seem like nothing at all.Ask them to spend $3.50 on a mini-game, and they don’t want to, because they don’t think it’s worth it.But here the old house to warn you vitality players, if you want to experience the special charm of “vitality Knight”, then the appropriate krypton gold can absolutely let you feel unprecedented refreshing experience, and the most cost-effective, the old house first: paladin.The paladin’s energy shield is one of the most powerful, invincible, and unplayable abilities, and what could be more straightforward than surviving a barrage of bullets for a few seconds, making it easier for new players to make the transition.In addition to his invincible energy shield, his basic weapon, the sacred cangue, is also an important reason not to be ignored.For new players, it’s better to go back to the basics and get to know a weapon that was given away in the first place, rather than pick one of the hundreds of “unknown” weapons.The Sacred Flail is a melee regenerative weapon that uses shock waves as its main attack mode and also has a stun effect.So if you make a special match for it in the actual combat, it can become a slow – paced weapon.The adaptation of sacred flail mainly increases the range of attack, so if you can get the laser thickening, the chance of completing the game will be greatly increased.In terms of melee rebound, melee range improvement, power accumulation, berserker statue, etc., it’s better to choose according to the condition.Finally, the old house and everyone focus on the declaration: do not unlock the paladin 2 skill deification!We’ll talk about that later.Ok, that’s it for this episode: Who should you practice first for a beginner role?Five years of Sapped Knights recommended it.If you like, also please don’t hesitate to give the old house a thumbs-up (long click thumbs-up can be a key three).If the article is not right, please leave a message to inform, listen to the opinions of friends is also the source of old house creation, so you little xia, we see you next time.