Winter Olympics bring Global Village closer together

2022-05-07 0 By

In recent days, the competitive battle of the Winter Olympics is in full swing, and the wonderful pictures warm people’s hearts.As the first Winter Olympic Games since the motto of “Greater Unity” was added to the Olympic motto, China has honored its solemn commitment to host the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games as scheduled and delivered on its solemn promise against the twin tests of profound changes unseen in the world in a century and repeated delays caused by COVID-19. Nearly 3,000 athletes from more than 90 countries and regions have arrived as promised.From the Olympic flag under the “together to the future” destiny symphony, “a pigeon can not be less” warm heart picture, to a piece of “small snow” aggregation constitute a bright dazzing “big snowflake”……To inject more splendor into the “ice and Snow Date”, to write a vivid footnote to the “greater unity”, and to gather strength for the “future”!On the field, “more unity” leads to victory.No matter individual or collective, leave not cooperate and support!Ten thousand people hold the bow, shoot a recruit, recruit all in.In the men’s 1000m short track speed skating final, Wu Dajing helped Ren Ziwei to block the position when he was tired, and touched Ren Ziwei’s hand to signal him to go first, and then said “go”, which made me “break the defense” in front of the screen.A movement, a word, said the true meaning of team fighting, let us see the honor of the country and the team, in the heart of the weight of the athletes.It is this kind of broad mind and team spirit of “success does not need to be attributed to me, success must be attributed to me” that has made breakthroughs in Chinese short track speed skating.Off the field, “More United” conveys the kindness of friendship.Win or lose, everyone is a hero on the battlefield!From China and the United States giving each other Olympic commemorative badges after the mixed doubles curling match, to Kim Boyang and Yuzuru Hanyu in the break room with the frame, Gu Eiling and the bronze medalist comforting the French girl…… who missed her last jumpOpponents on the court, off the court are friends.Since the opening of the Winter Olympics, from country to country, from big to small, we have seen the sincere interaction time and again, which is more precious than achievements, that is friendship and goodwill, better demonstrating the broad feelings of “harmonious coexistence, annexation and inclusiveness”.In the midst of the epidemic, “More Solidarity” gathers strength.No matter now or in the future, everyone is a dream builder!The Olympic fire lit, it is the light of human unity.With the progress of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the concept of “greater unity” has become more popular.It also reinforces people’s conviction that solidarity and cooperation is the right way to meet the common challenges of mankind.Therefore, it is not only in the Winter Olympics that we should continue to sing “Unity is Strength”, face pressing global challenges together, and ride Noah’s Ark in a new era.Together, there is the power to move forward;Together, there is hope of victory!As one global village, we are all one family. To build a community with a shared future for mankind, every country, every nation and every individual must unite as one, overcome difficulties together, and unleash a mighty force to embark on the great journey of jointly building the future.(canal culture)