Xiangtan daily commentator: How to correct the “four Winds” tree new wind

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Xiangtan Daily commentator “investigated and dealt with 110 cases of mental problems in violation of the Eight-point regulations of the Central Committee, and dealt with 152 people.””We deepened the campaign against formalist bureaucracy, dealing with 44 people.”…Recently, Xiangtan released the report of 2021 “four winds” correction.Behind these figures is a vivid demonstration of the city’s unremitting efforts to correct the “four evils” and foster new ones, the thorough rectification of corruption and malpractices around the people, and the continuous strengthening of the central government’s eight-point regulation.The Party’s style of work is positive and the people’s morale is positive.Without ceasing to correct the “four winds”, we have stopped unhealthy winds, purified the ecological environment, won trust and built consensus.At present, the planning of the grand blueprint of provincial and municipal Party congresses has been launched, and the horn of a new journey has been sounded.Cracked, the banner of the horn sound, an urgent need to the whole city eternal struggle hard pragmatic character, through new road, and obstacles, the implementation of the strategy of “four new” 3 tall reveal new bear, in promoting changzhutan integration on show as a new, new achievements in the development of urban and rural integration, on the red gene inheritance to explore new experiences, new xiangtan struggle to build socialism modernization.The longer the journey is, the more important it is to keep a clear head and always maintain political awareness of integrity and discipline.Even today, malpractices are still banned in a few places, and the problem of “four evils” still persists in some areas.The deep-rooted problems of formalism and bureaucracy are hard to remove. Policies are not based on reality, and we adopt a one-size-fits all approach in disregard of reality. We implement the spirit of the party by issuing documents, carrying out requirements through meetings, and prioritising communication.Underestimating the obstinacy of the “four winds” problem may make the previous efforts to waste, let the “four winds” problem resurgence or even worse, and then harm the interests of the masses, damage the morale of cadres, damage local development.Always on the road!Remedy, be about to pull the full bow, taut strings, a consistent set of arrows, aimed at the target, the hedonism, the wind of luxury outcrop dozen bad bad habits, such as the “four winds” invisible new trends of variation moment, investigate the crowd around and rampant corruption, strengthen the “can’t” shock and awe, “want to” get away, fastened the cage “can’t”.We need to closely follow the strategic positioning and missions of the “three-pronged, three-pronged, four-pronged innovation initiative,” focus on the goals and tasks of the party congresses at the provincial and municipal levels and the “TWO sessions” at the provincial and municipal levels, carry out “account-checking” inspections and inspections, and promptly find and correct problems such as “wearing new shoes and going down old paths”, “making moves without instructions”, “making compromises”, and making adjustments.We will strengthen oversight of key work, such as the development of the real economy, the creation of “five good” industrial parks, and the implementation of the “Thousand and ten Projects” and the “Eight Major Plans,” to ensure that every effort is accomplished.Tree, it is necessary to advocate solid work, heavy achievements, set up inspiring spirit, the new spirit of solid work.The more we face the severe situation, the more we need to boost energy and spirit, implement the municipal committee to encourage cadres to boost the spirit of hard work ten measures, do not sing decline, do not lie flat, say less and more dry, dry, dry.The more you face heavy tasks, the more you can’t be empty.The formalism that disturbs grass-roots level, no matter what kind of appearance exists, investigate its essence, it is divorced from reality, far from practice.Solid work is the natural enemy of formalism.Will winds to improve writing, which is at the grass-roots level during the relaxation, the grassroots cadres from the shackles of formalism and bureaucracy, “routine”, guide and encourage party members and cadres not bubble “wenshan cope, rooted at the grass-roots level line, out of the office, conference room, into the fields, the project construction site, to solve the problem in a line, do a good job in the practical work of the people’s livelihood,Focus on concrete results, take concrete measures, and speak with concrete results.This year marks the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the first year to fully implement the spirit of the provincial and municipal Party congresses.Start sprint, start momentum.The purpose of rectifying the “four winds” and establishing a new wind is to guide the practical work to a higher level, guide the party members and cadres to forge ahead and work harder, build up their strength and start again, so as to take a better responsibility in the construction of modern new Xiangtan.>>Return to Xiangtan online home page