Anxiang County justice Bureau held a key work during the Spring Festival meeting

2022-05-08 0 By

On January 26, the Justice Bureau of Anxiang County held a meeting on key work assignments during the Spring Festival. Liu Ying, party Secretary and director of the justice Bureau of Anxiang County, made arrangements for dealing with rain and snow weather, work safety, epidemic prevention and control, and employment stability.Meeting requirements: first, to strengthen rain and snow weather prevention work.We will carry out investigations on potential security risks in the judicial and administrative system, strengthen publicity of policies, laws and regulations on dealing with severe weather, and strengthen management services for special personnel.Second, importance should be attached to epidemic prevention and control.The idea is not lax, there is a need to leave the need to report for approval;Fewer people will gather in action, and all normal prevention and control measures will be tightened and implemented.Third, we must do a good job in workplace safety.Firmly establish safety awareness, safe use of water and electrical facilities, do people walk off the lights, turn off all office equipment power, lock the doors and Windows.Fourth, we must do a good job in recruiting and stabilizing posts.Strengthen the docking with the masses, strengthen the recruitment of stable post policy publicity, attract returnees to stay in safety and work.(Correspondent: Wang Menghui)