Electric car for buying tide start, 8 provinces 14 cities have been determined, for buying three attention points, owners do not be pit

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Please click “Follow” above before reading.Thanks for your support, we will bring you more valuable content.There is a very important change in the electric vehicle industry in 2022, that is, the transition period of overtaking vehicles in many places ends.Data show that in 2022, 35 million electric cars exceeding the standard are expected to be exchanged for purchase. From April, some provinces and cities began to open the exchange tide of electric cars.According to new energy strategists, a total of 8 provinces and 14 cities will end the transitional period of exceeding electric vehicles in 2022.Zhongshan, Guangdong: as of April 15, Meizhou, Guangdong: as of April 15, Yichang, Hubei: as of April 30, Shaanxi: as of June 30, Huizhou, Guangdong: as of June 30, Shenzhen, Guangdong: as of August 1, Jingzhou, Hubei: as of September 30, Foshan, Guangdong: electric bicycle yellow card as of September 30;Electric bicycle blue card by December 31, Sichuan: By October 14, Chongqing: by October 14, Fujian Fuqing: by October 31, Fujian Xiamen: by December 31, Liaoning Dalian: by December 31, Shandong: by December 31, Zhejiang Hangzhou, Ningbo, Jiaxing:If you’re in a city that has an overpriced car to trade in, make sure you do so.Here to remind the majority of owners, for the purchase of electric cars can not be careless, which still have a lot of “pay attention to”.As the transition period of overbidding cars around the car owners focus on changing cars, when the time comes not only to buy a car to rise in price, the license will also delay more time.1. Choose brand electric car brand car and miscellaneous car price is not the same, in quality is also different.Some off-brand cars under the name of “factory direct” gimmick, to attract consumers to buy.Although the price will be much cheaper than the brand car, but the quality and after-sales are not guaranteed, after buying back problems will be very troublesome to repair, before there are many owners because of this pit.2. Recognize the vehicle production qualification before buying electric vehicles, remember to look ahead to the production qualification of electric vehicles.No matter electric bicycle, electric light motorcycle or electric motorcycle, the vehicle must be in the product catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, with qualification certificate, 3C certification, vehicle consistency certification and purchase invoice, otherwise the vehicle can not be licensed, the owner spends more money is useless.3. Choose the local electric car allowed on the road this problem many owners will ignore, if in the forbidden motorcycle city, then buy electric car must only choose the speed of not more than 25km/h electric bicycle.If there is no local restrictions on motorcycles, then after obtaining the driver’s license, you can consider buying electric motorcycles with faster speed and better battery life.How does exceeding electric car change more money?For owners to buy a new national standard electric car, there are some ways to save money.Option 1: Trade-in owners can take their old car to a store and deduct a certain amount of money so they can buy a new one for less.Option 2: replacement subsidies many areas provide replacement subsidies for electric vehicles, users remember to get subsidies and then change a new car.Judging from the amount of subsidy, the earlier the exchange, the greater the intensity.Like Zhejiang Taizhou Jiaojiang is clear, before September 30, 2022, the elimination of non-standard electric bicycles can enjoy subsidies.Eliminated before the end of June, each car subsidy of 200 yuan;Eliminated from June to September, subsidy of 100 yuan per car.Option 3: Self-scrapping this method can be a bit cumbersome, but it can also save some money.Owners can disassemble the electric car by themselves, such as selling the battery to electric car stores or fixed recycling points, and directly selling the frame as waste.Conclusion There is a need to buy the car to pay close attention to, and then wait to buy a car will only spend more money, early change can also get more subsidies.If you have any questions about buying an electric car, you can leave a comment below.I wonder how long you can ride your electric bike?