On February 18, the price of domestic lithium metal is high, and the supply is tight

2022-05-08 0 By

Market overview: On February 18, the domestic lithium metal market price once again high, domestic lithium metal mainstream transaction price concentrated between 205-2.11 million yuan/ton, the average price level stabilized to 2.08 million yuan/ton, market transaction price synchronization.End of the Spring Festival, manufacturers have to resume production, there is still no big shipment, market supply tension, downstream enterprises holding inventory for consumption, but as the terminal market demand continues to increase, as well as the raw material, metallic lithium cost control more difficult, or will drive the market, metallic lithium bacc the surplus first lithium metal market price or is expected to upward.Market outlook forecast: it is reported that new Jin Yu can have to carry out the domestic first lithium battery production line, on the core technology has formed a series of security solutions, including the application of in situ protection of solid electrolyte interface, lithium dendrite suppression technology, flexible decalescence flame retardant membrane material, etc., the lithium battery by puncture, drop, short circuit and overcharge, thermal abuse of severe tests.With the strong demand of the terminal market, lithium metal manufacturers are optimistic about the future market, some manufacturers are expected to improve capacity, up to now, the domestic lithium metal planning new capacity is expected to 111,100 tons, the market supply is gradually improving, Baichuan Yingfu is expected to domestic lithium metal prices continue to go high.